No price hike, a new Tensor CPU, an updated camera, and a selection of new colors, including a new limited edition hue

Google might not be doing too well with its core business. Profits are up but it is now hard to find anyone that has a good word to say about Google Search. 

With phones, especially the newly launched Pixel 8a, however, things are very different. It’s like Google took its “don’t be evil” moniker, switched it away from Search, and plonked it inside its phone business. 

The new Pixel 8a is a very, very compelling phone. It now comes with a new 256GB storage option and in a raft of new colors. Here’s the skinny: 


Google Pixel 8a Colors 

With colours, the Pixel 8a is available in four hues: the limited-edition Aloe, the serene Bay, the classic Obsidian, or the elegant Porcelain

Our refined A-Series design feels even better in your hands with rounded edges, a matte back and an aluminum frame. Its durable design can handle slips, spills and dust, making Pixel 8a the most durable A-Series phone yet. Plus, its new Actua display is 40% brighter than Pixel 7a’s, and the faster 120Hz refresh rate makes scrolling smooth.

There are two new A-series colors: Aloe (a limited-edition color!) and Bay. Or choose from one of our neutral color options: Obsidian or Porcelain. And for the first time ever, there’s a larger storage capacity option at 256 GB, giving you more space for your favorite content.

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Google Pixel 8a Storage 

With storage tiers, the Pixel 8a comes with 8GB and either 128GB or 256GB of storage. There’s no SD support, obviously, but with seven years’ worth of updates, that extra storage is definitely going to come in handy.

Should You Buy The Pixel 8a?

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If you’re in the market for a smartphone that offers exceptional value, the Pixel 8a is a standout choice.

Google has truly raised the bar with this device, packing it with an impressive array of features that rival those found in its more expensive counterparts.

One of the most compelling aspects of the Pixel 8a is its access to advanced features like Gemini, as well as its cutting-edge photo and video capabilities.

These features allow you to capture stunning images and videos, edit them with ease, and even remove unwanted sounds from your recordings. It’s like having a professional studio right in your pocket.

But what really sets the Pixel 8a apart is its unparalleled software support. With a promise of seven years’ worth of Android updates, this phone is designed to stay relevant and secure for an exceptionally long time.

In fact, the Pixel 8a offers even more long-term support than you’d get with an iPhone, which is pretty impressive – I just can’t believe it took us so long to get here.

At a price point of just $499 / £499, the Pixel 8a is an unbeatable choice. Its versatile features, impressive hardware, and market-leading support make it the most compelling option in its price range.

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a busy professional, or simply someone who wants a reliable and feature-packed device, the Pixel 8a delivers on all fronts.

I reckon the Pixel 8a will dominate the mid-range smartphone market in 2024 and beyond. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, the Pixel 8a is well worth a look.

The Pixel 8a is Here

Is The Pixel 8a Worth It?

The Pixel A series is always good value, but Google has outdone itself this time. Not only do you get access to plenty of mainline Pixel phone features like Gemini, advanced photo and video shooting modes and effects, but you also get seven years’ worth of Android updates. 

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For value for money, the Pixel 8a is leagues ahead of the competition with its flagship camera features, AI smarts, and updated internals. For the price, this phone is next to impossible to beat right now.

— Richard Goodwin, Editor

Best New Pixel 8a Features

Google Tensor G3 chip brings AI-powered features and more performance

64MP main lens, 13MP ultrawide lens, and advanced features.

New Actua display 40% brighter, 120Hz refresh rate

New 256 GB option

7 years of updates and advanced security features.

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