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OK, so prior to launch there were a ton of rumors about multiple color options for the Google Pixel 4 (see below for more info on this). Following the official launch of the Pixel 4, however, we now know that this was wishful thinking on part of leakers and tipsters.

The Google Pixel 4 is available in just three color options:


  • Oh, So Orange – The wild card, the most divisive color in the range. Oh, So Orange will almost certainly divide opinions. It’s loud and proud and in your face. I think it looks cool, however, and I would almost certainly consider picking up a Pixel 4 in this color option. Why? Why not! No one has an orange phone.
  • Panda (AKA White) – Want something simple? The Pixel 4 in Clearly White is just that – a smart-looking, minimalist affair with black accents on a bone-white chassis. I do like white phones, and I really like the way Google has done this one – it looks almost matte and, by proxy, very, very classy.
  • Just Black – Traditional, smart, classy. You can’t release a phone without doing a black version, so it’s no surprise that Google has rejigged its most popular hue for the Pixel 4. Like the Clearly White option, the Just Black is designed to be smart, look clean and fresh, and appeal to those that prefer more traditional colors for their phones.

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All The Rumored Google Pixel 4 Colors That Didn’t Happen…

Prior to launch, there were tons of rumors about Google bringing an entire range of color options. Instead, we got three options (listed above). The colors that didn’t get official could launch at a later date; anything’s possible, after all. But for now, you’re looking at white, black, and orange as your only color options for right now.

  • Maybe Pink – Pink, for a variety of reasons, is a very popular color. Pink signifies many things to many different types of people, so including this color option for the Pixel 4 range was likely a very smart move by The Big G.
  • Sky Blue – Google’s had a blue option for its Pixel phones for a while now, so we’re not surprised to see another riff on the blue hue for this year’s Pixel 4 releases. As the name implies, this is a very light hue of Blue, a far cry from the electric blue used on Apple’s iPhone XR.
  • Slightly Green – Slightly Green, unlike Sky Blue, is a big and bold and kind of in your face. It looks more neon green than a standard, duller, British racing green. This one is aimed at Pixel 4 users that want their phone to stand out. It looks great, so I expect this color to be very popular.
  • Really Yellow – Similar to Slightly Green, Really Yellow is actually VERY yellow – it’s loud and unapologetic, which is exactly what you’d expect and want from a phone that uses yellow as its base color. In terms of the actual color palette, it reminds me of the yellow Nokia used to use some of its Windows Phone handsets.

Google Pixel 4 Color Range – Images

google-pixel-4-colorsPin google-pixel-4-colorsPin google-pixel-4-colorsPin google-pixel-4-colorsPin

Why More Colors?

In a world where phones are starting to look more and more alike, adding a splash of color is often the easiest way to make your phone stand out from the crowd. Apple’s iPhone XR was immensely popular for this exact reason – and the fact that it was cheaper than the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Consumers like having options when it comes to colors, it makes the phone look and feels more personalized, especially if you go with an odd color like Oh, So Orange or Really Yellow. How often have you seen a yellow phone? Probably not that often, save for Apple’s iPhone XR or phones housed inside colorful cases.

Either way, introducing more color options for the Pixel 4, rather than just a few standard options, will almost certainly make Google’s next-generation Pixel phones more attractive to potential customers. I love the way the Oh, So Orange and Clearly Yellow Pixel 4’s look, so if I were getting one of these handsets, it’d probably be one of those colors.

I just hope Google decides to release more color options for the Pixel 4 later this year; I’d love to see Yellow and Green come to market!

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