Energizer POWER MAX Phone Has An 18,000mAh Battery

We recently reported that battery maker Energizer (or, more accurately, Franch firm Avenir Telecom, which licenses the name) was about to launch a whole host of new phones at Mobile World Congress, and The Verge has been lucky enough to go hands-on with perhaps the most interesting one – and by ‘interesting’ we mean ‘bloody weird’.

The Energizer Power Max P18K Pop is basically an 18,000mAh battery with a phone stuck on the top of it. It’s 18mm thick, which makes it around three times the size of your typical phone, but with that chunkiness comes incredible stamina – the manufacturer says it’s good for a week’s worth of typical use, or – if you’d prefer – 48 hours of continuous video playback.

The Longest Lasting Phone Battery of ALL TIME

Even those figures sound a little on the safe side; we would be surprised to see this phone lasting even longer than 7 days on a single charge, but we obviously can’t verify that. Importantly, the P18K Pop has fast charging, and it takes eight hours to totally top-up that massive battery.

Energizer POWER MAX Phone Has An 18,000mAh BatteryPin

There’s a 6.2-inch LCD on the device which, according to The Verge, is actually pretty good. It has no notch or cut-out and small bezels, but Avenir has employed a pop-up selfie cam to achieve this look (and why not – the phone is thick enough to house one, after all). The camera pops up and down mechanically when it’s needed.

Energizer POWER MAX Specs

On the back of the device, there are three other cameras, which is nice to see on a phone of this type. It’s all powered by a MediaTek processor and there’s 6GB of RAM to keep things ticking over. Meanwhile, 128GB of storage is available, and it launches with Android 9. It arrives this summer and will be one of the most unusual Android handsets you’ll be able to buy.

Will you want to use such a massive phone, even when you take into account the benefits of having a week-long battery? The Verge reports that performance isn’t fantastic so it could be yet another case of a gimmick being used to gain attention, but we’re tempted to try and get hold of one of these for review, simply because it’s such a strange device.

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