Apple just launched a brand new iPhone, the iPhone SE 3 – AKA the iPhone SE 2022. But does the iPhone SE 3 come with a charger?

Say want you want about Apple, but as a company, it really knows how to get mileage out of its intellectual property. The iPhone SE 3, like its predecessor, is STILL rocking the iPhone 8’s design language which means you have a 4.7in display and TouchID and a physical home button rather than FACE ID and a notch.

The new iPhone SE 3 also comes with Apple’s latest CPU, the A15, and it now supports 5G as well. Apple also says the battery life of the iPhone SE 3 will now last a full two hours longer than its predecessor, the iPhone SE 2020. An impressive feat when you consider that the iPhone SE 2020 did not support 5G.

Does The iPhone SE 3 Come With A Charger?

If you’re thinking of buying the iPhone SE 3 and you’re wondering whether it comes with a charger in the box, the bad news is that it DOES NOT come with a charger. None of Apple’s iPhones do; even its most expensive models do not come with a charger in the box. This trend started with the iPhone 12 and will continue forevermore.

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Apple iPhone SE 3: The New Cheap iPhone With 5G

You also no longer get Apple’s EarBuds in the box either. The reason Apple decided to do this is to do with cutting down on waste. In Apple’s logic – and it does make sense – most people now have a wall charger that will run Apple’s Lightning cable, the cable you use to charge your iPhone.

By including plastic power adapters with every single iPhone, and Apple ships A LOT of iPhones every day, Apple was creating millions of tons of waste every single year. By not including a charger in the box for the past few years, Apple has cut down on its raw materials for each iPhone by millions of tons. And that is great for the environment.

Best Charger For The iPhone SE 3?

If you’ve never bought an iPhone before and you do not have an iPhone charger or power adapter in your home, you can pick them up via Amazon for next to nothing – here’s a great option. You can also get third-party chargers for iPhones that have significantly longer cables, so you can charge from across the room while still using your phone.

Beyond this, the iPhone SE 3 looks to be quite the update on its predecessor, the iPhone SE 2020. You have Apple’s blazingly fast, new A15 CPU, dramatically improved battery life, and, of course, the inclusion of 5G support which future-proofs the phone for years to come. The iPhone SE 3 is more expensive, however – prices start from $429 in the USA and around the same in the UK.

Personally, if I were going to be spending that much on an iPhone – and I wanted a smaller model – I’d probably be more inclined to go with a

refurbished iPhone 12 mini (these can be had for around or just slightly less nowadays) and the specs and design are far superior to what you get on the iPhone SE 3. You’ll also get things like FACE ID, 5G, and a vastly improved camera module too.

Or, if you can live without 5G, get the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This phone is still a brilliant device with masses of power and a brilliant camera system. And it can now be picked up for much the same price as Apple’s iPhone SE 3. Again, the iPhone 11 Pro Max doesn’t have 5G but it does have plenty of other specs that the iPhone SE 3 doesn’t – things like a modern camera, masses of RAM, and OLED display, and a much larger battery.

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