Black Friday hasn’t officially started yet but you can now make some significant savings on unlimited data plans. Here are all the best Black Friday unlimited data plan deals in one place…

Best Black Friday Unlimited Data Plans

The table above is updated in real-time, so the results may change depending on what the latest deals are right now. At the time of publishing, however, the best unlimited plan in the USA is from Ting – it will cost you just $25 per month.

Next, we have Mint Mobile. The carrier that is owned by Ryan Reynolds is offering unlimited plans from $30 per month which is damn good value for money, especially since Mint is powered by T-Mobile’s network, so you get brilliant 4G and 5G coverage.

Are MVNO Carriers Legit?

Why are Ting and Mint cheaper than Verizon and T-Mobile and other big-name carriers? The simple explanation is that Mint and Ting are MVNO carriers, meaning they piggyback off other carriers’ networks – Verizon and T-Mobile’s, for instance.

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This means as a business, carriers like Ting and Mint Mobile have far lower business costs. Neither has to pay and invest in infrastructure for one, and MVNO carriers tend to have far fewer employees which mean lower business costs across the board. And because of this, an MVNO carrier will ALWAYS be cheaper than a proper carrier like Verizon.

Going with an MVNO carrier – like Ting or Mint Mobile – is one of the easiest ways to reduce your monthly phone bill. Again, these types of MVNO carriers provide exactly the same level of coverage as proper carriers with their own infrastructure like Verizon and T-Mobile.

For instance, Mint runs on T-Mobile’s network, so you get exactly the same level of coverage as you would if you were using T-Mobile. But if you were to go with T-Mobile, you’d probably pay double the cost. And the reason for this is that T-Mobile, being a full carrier service, has infinitely higher costs as a business and, therefore, has to charge more to make itself profitable.

With respect to coverage and data speeds, there is literally no difference between a proper carrier and an MVNO carrier. The only difference is price, and if you’re looking to half your monthly phone bills, or you already have a phone and you want to pay less, switching to an MVNO like Ting or Mint Mobile is the simplest way to do this.

Bring Your Own Phone

If you already have a phone, you can use any of these plans to run your phone from here on out. If you’re paying $40, $50 or even $60 or more for your data, switching to either Mint or Ting would literally half your monthly spend on data and calls.

Mint Mobile also offers all the latest iPhones and Samsung phones too, as well as more affordable options, so if you need a new phone and plan, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on data, Mint Mobile is a great place to take your business.

Better Customer Service Too…

MVNO’s like Mint Mobile also tend to have far better customer service than big-name networks like Verizon and T-Mobile. Again, the reason for this is very much grounded in how an MVNO operates as a business. It is focused on attracting new users (sales and marketing) and retaining its existing customers (customer service), and that’s literally it.

Conversely, sales and marketing, and customer service is just a small part of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint’s operations. These carriers have to maintain networks, deploy new technology, and have other interests – things like broadband and developing their network and network infrastructure technology.

Given all of the above, it is hardly surprising that millions of people are switching to MVNO networks every year…

Here’s all the latest Best Black Friday Unlimited Data Plans again…