All The MISSING iOS 16 Features

iOS 16 is now available but users may be surprised to learn several features are missing. Here are all the missing iOS 16 features…

iOS 16 is now available for iPhones worldwide. The latest update to Apple’s flagship operating system features a ton of improvements, including a new customizable lock screen, the ability to edit and delete messages, new Focus modes, enhancements to Mail, better Maps, and much, much more.

However, while iOS 16 is packed with features, there are plenty of features that will also be MISSING from iOS 16 until later. This will be a bummer for many, but at least we can rest assured that the features will be added eventually.

Here are the major missing iOS 16 features that aren’t available at launch:

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Live Activities

This will probably be the biggest bummer for most people. Live Activities is a massive new feature that will radically change the way we interact with apps.

Apple describes Live Activities like this: “Live Activities make it easier to stay on top of things that are happening in real time, right from your Lock Screen. So you can check the score of a game or track the progress of your food delivery without unlocking your device.”

In short, Live Activities allows apps to show real-time (“live”) updates on your lock screen. For example, if you call an Uber, the Uber notification on your lock screen can now show where your coming car is in real-time – no need to open the app.

The New Freeform App

Apple showed off a new app with iOS 16 called Freeform. Apple describes the app like this: “Freeform is a productivity app where you and your collaborators can bring ideas to life. Jot down notes, share files, and insert web links, documents, video, and audio.”

Essentially, Freeform is a whiteboard app that allows collaboration in real-time. Multiple people can add updates to the Freeform, with all participants seeing any updates in real-time. That app looks killer, but it’s likely delayed until iPadOS and macOS Ventura are out later this year (as Freeform is also coming to iPad and Mac).

Freeform arrives in iOS 16.2.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

Here’s how Apple describes iCloud Shared Photo Library: “Share photos and videos seamlessly with up to five other people, so everyone can collaborate on the family’s collection and enjoy more complete memories. With iCloud Shared Photo Library, family memories are in one place for everyone to enjoy at any time, even if you’re not the one who snapped the shot or edited the photo.”

In short, it’s one iCloud photo library shared between family members. It’s not the most exciting feature, but families may be disappointed it’s not dropping until later this year.

Sharing Keys Via Apple Wallet

This is a really cool – delayed – feature. iOS 16 brings the ability to share digital keys with other people. So, if you have a smart home lock, you can send a digital key to your parents who are visiting if you aren’t at home to let them in when they arrive.

Apple describes sharing keys like this: “Share your keys securely in Wallet using your favorite messaging apps, including Messages, Mail, and WhatsApp. You can decide where and when your keys can be used, and you can revoke them anytime.”

Home App Improvements

The home app in iOS 16 is gaining Matter support – just not at iOS 16’s launch. Matter is a smart home standard that Apple is finally adopting, which will make Home even more compatible with smartphone accessories.

As Apple describes Matter support: “Matter is a smart home connectivity standard that enables a wide variety of smart home accessories to work together across platforms. So you can seamlessly control your Matter- and HomeKit-enabled accessories with the Home app and Siri. Matter gives you the most choice and compatibility for accessories in your home, all while maintaining the highest levels of security.”

Game Center Improvements

Game Center is scheduled for a few enhancements in iOS 16 – just not right away. The biggest missing Game Center feature will be missing SharePlay integration, which will come at a later date now.

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