What is arguably the biggest and most important day on Apple’s calendar is less than a week away. Apple has announced that it’s annual iPhone launch event will take place on October 13, 2020.

The event is about a month later than usual due to knock-on effects of the pandemic and its effect on supply chains, but that doesn’t mean that this year’s event will be any less impressive than past ones. Matter of fact, Apple could introduce much more than just new iPhones. Here’s what is possible Apple could announce:

iPhone 12 Series

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In all likelihood, this is a certainty. Apple iPhone 12 rumors have been slowly leaking out for months now, so there’s a very good chance we already know what’s coming, which is:

  • iPhone 12 mini – a 5.4in “small” iPhone.
  • iPhone 12 – a 6.1in entry-level iPhone 12. This is the middle of the road selection in the iPhone 12 series.
  • iPhone 12 Pro – a 6.1in model of the iPhone 12 with additional Pro features.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max – at 6.7in, this will be Apple’s largest iPhone ever made.

All iPhone 12 series phones are expected to sport Face ID, OLED displays, the new A14 chipset, 5G cellular, and an all-new design with flattened edges, similar to the iPhone 4. The iPhone mini and the iPhone 12 will feature dual-lens cameras, while the iPhone 12 Pro models will feature triple-lens rear cameras with LiDAR sensors.


Another almost-certainty is the unveiling of the long-rumored AirTags. These are little bottle-cap-sized devices you can slip into a wallet, purse, bag, or anything else you want to track the location of. They are said to work using Apple’s U1 chip, which tracks locations down to the centimeter. The U1 is currently found in the iPhone 11 series and the Apple Watch 6.

This of AirTags as a much more precise version of the popular Tile tracker. Some even believe the ship of the AirTag is hidden in the graphic Apple tweeted out above.

HomePod mini

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Apple’s HomePod smart speaker has always received top marks for its amazing sound quality. Matter of fact, it’s universally considered the best smart speaker as far as sound goes. The HomePod can also do a number of crazy cool things besides playing music. But the HomePod has also always received lower marks for its relatively high price–currently at $299.

While Apple isn’t expected to introduce a second-generation primary HomePod next week, it’s looking good that there could be a HomePod mini unveiled. The mini would reportedly be much cheaper but feature fewer speakers built-in. It would obviously also be smaller than the current HomePod.

Introducing an HomePod mini makes a lot of sense as later this year Apple will be launching its Apple One services bundle. All versions of the bundle include the Apple Music streaming service–and Apple is probably banking on the service spring adoption of its smart speaker.

MacBook Air Or iMac With Apple’s A-Series Chipset

This final possible product launch is less of a certainty for next week. However, it seems somewhat likely. We already know Apple is transitioning all of its Macs from Intel chips to its own proprietary A-Series silicon. Apple announced as much at WWDC in June.

The big question has always been when will consumers be able to buy these first A-series Macs. The answer to that might be “quite soon”…if Apple shows them off next week. If Apple does, expect only one or two Mac models with an A-series chip at launch. The most likely candidates are the MacBook Air or the iMac desktop computer.