What’s inside the new HTC Sense UI update


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HTC officially unveiled the HTC EVO 3D at CTIA 2011 yesterday, the company’s first smartphone to feature a dual core processor and 3D display. But that wasn’t all, HTC also gave a preview of its new HTC Sense UI.

Our sister site Know Your Cell was live at CTIA for the EVO 3D launch, but didn’t manage to get any snaps of the new HTC Sense UI. Fortunately Pocket-Lint did, so we’ve borrowed some of theirs for the time being.

So what does the new Sense UI have in store for us? First up, there’s a new-look lock screen, which will let you open apps without actually unlocking on the device – something that’ll save you untold minutes week-in-week-out.

How this works is simple: you select an app and drag it into a circle located at the bottom of the homepage. Once you’ve loaded this up with apps – four is the max at present – you can then access them from the lock screen.

HTC has also upped the ante in the animation stakes as well, adding a new Zoetrope affect, which is created through motion and acts as a nice substitute to live wallpapers.


Remember HTC’s ebook reader application called Reader – the one that featured on the Flyer? Well, it’s now inside HTC’s new Sense UI, so you can now read and book mark until your heart’s content. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to scribble notes on them though, you’ll have to buy a Flyer and stylus for that little quirk.

HTC has also included Recent Apps, which are now shown in the notifications bar. Quick Settings is also included as well, giving you quick access to things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and screen brightness.

No HTC device would be complete without that trademark clock and weather widget taking centre stage on the Homescreen. And as you’d expect, this is also been updated too – it’s now cleaner looking and features new animations.


Amazon MP3 and HTC’s Media Player have also been overhauled as well. Both now look a lot ‘sexier’ and cleaner, according to Pocket-Lint. Lets just hope HTC has improved its Media Player’s shuffle function.


That’s it for now, expect more details once we’ve got the new Sense UI downloaded onto our office HTC.


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