WAVVE Turns Audio Into Videos That’ll 6X Your Social Media Engagement

New tech start-up, WAVVE, will turn your audio into animated videos that can be uploaded to YouTube, Instagram and other social networks…

Did you know video content is 6X more likely to be shared than a photo? Crazy, right? But them’s the breaks in 2021, as more and more internet users turn to video for information.

But what if you cannot afford video equipment or don’t know how to edit videos? This is where WAVVE comes in…

What is WAVVEPin

WAVVE, a new tech start-up, wants to make life easier for content creators, however, with its new tool that converts audio files into video content that can then be shared online via social media and YouTube.

The app is designed to make life easier for content creators, especially when it comes to producing video – you can check the pricing here.

What is WAVVE & How Does It Work?

The concept is pretty simple, but the execution is far more complex. You don’t need to worry about that, however, when you’re using WAVVE. All you have to do is download the app, upload your audio file, something like a podcast or a song, and sit back while WAVVE converts it into a video that you can then share via social media or on YouTube.

And because each social network platform is different, WAVVE has pre-formatted design sizes for each, so all you have to do is select the social network you want to create a video for and hit create – WAVVE will do the rest, creating you a seamless video that is perfectly optimized for sharing via your social network of choice.

Once you have your audio in place, a recording of your voice, a clip from your podcast, or a song you wrote, just head over to WAVVE’s site and upload the audio. You will then be asked to choose a design, again, you have loads of options for video sizes and different social networks and platforms. You can test it out for yourself here.

Next, you’ll want to upload a background image. You can then add animation elements and customise things until you’re happy with the result. Next, you’ll want to hit save and start processing your video. Once the video is processed, you’ll get a link that you can use to download it and share it on your social platforms.

Here’s a handy WAVVE tutorial on how it all works…

What Platforms Does WAVVE Support?

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Twitter

Is WAVVE Free?

WAVVE does come with a free option, but it is somewhat limited. If you want to unlock all of WAVVE’s best features, you’ll need to pony up for a paid-subscription. Fortunately, they’re not too expensive. Especially if they help you convert more of your followers into subscribers to your podcast or product feeds.

WAVVE Prices

  • Free ($0) – Includes WAVVE branding, limited to 60 seconds of video
  • Alpha ($10 per month) – No WAVVE branding, limited to 10 minutes of video per month
  • Beta ($18 per month) – 30 minutes of video per month
  • Gamma ($32 per month) – 300 minutes of video per month, 48 minute clip length

Who Should Use WAVVE?

If you’re a content creator – or you run a business – WAVVE can help immensely with your marketing efforts. Video is super engaging, on all platforms, so having the ability to quickly create videos that can be used to promote things like new episodes of your podcast, for instance, makes it an essential tool for bloggers and marketers of all shapes and sizes.

We think WAVVE is really cool, check out all the pricing details here.

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