If you’re currently a Verizon user, specifically using one of its Unlimited Plans, this one simple trick could save you over $300 a year…

Key Takeaways:

  • Verizon has high costs due to factors like R&D, marketing, and infrastructure maintenance. Its basic Unlimited Welcome plan starts at $60 per month ($720 per year).
  • Verizon’s base unlimited plan doesn’t offer access to the ultra wide-band 5G network
  • The trick? Switch from Verizon to VISIBLE, an MVNO running on Verizon’s network – you get all the benefits of Verizon’s infrastructure including wide coverage, solid reception, and access to the ultra wide-band 5G network at a lower cost.
  • A VISIBLE plan can start from $35 per month, amounting to $420 per year, and it comes with features like access to Verizon’s ultra wide-band 5G network and unlimited mobile hotspot capabilities.
  • Switching to VISIBLE not only offers annual savings of around $300 but also faster 5G speeds and the ability to use your data for peripheral devices like iPads or laptops via its unlimited mobile hotspot capabilities.
  • VISIBLE’s plans come standard with unlimited data, messages, and minutes without hidden costs, 99% population coverage in the US, unlimited hotspot usage, and 24/7 access to customer support via chat.
  • It is also possible to add a smartwatch like the Apple Watch to the VISIBLE plan for an extra $5 per month.

If you’re like most people you probably A) don’t know what an MVNO is or B) really care. But you should. Verizon is NOT an MVNO, it’s a traditional carrier with traditional carrier costs (stuff like R&D, marketing and, perhaps the most costly, maintaining its infrastructure).

Verizon recently overhauled its bloated Unlimited Plans, simplifying things into a much more palatable offering. The plans are still expensive, though, with prices starting at $60pm for its most basic Unlimited Welcome plan.

And, lest we forget: Verizon’s base unlimited plan DOES NOT get you access to its faster ultra wide-band 5G network. You do get unlimited data but it’ll be slow in congested areas and peak times. For 60 bucks a month, I think we can do a little better.

The Trick? Ditch Verizon…

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If you’re locked into a Verizon plan right now that you cannot get out of, you’ll have to wait until your plan ends. But if you’re a floating voter, looking for a better value unlimited data plan, here’s the good news:

What if I told you that you could get ALL the benefits of Verizon’s infrastructure, so things like its nation-wide coverage, solid reception, and access to its ultra wide-band 5G network, for way less money per month?

That’d be good, right? Well, this is where the trick comes into play. If you’re not fussed about all the bundled goodies you get with Verizon’s more expensive plan, stuff like free access to streaming platforms and whatnot, and you just want unlimited data that is utterly rapid, here’s what you do: switch your plan over to VISIBLE.

Verizon vs VISIBLE – How Much You Save By Switching

Over the course of 12 months, going with Verizon’s Unlimited Welcome plan will cost you $720 and with this plan all you get is bog-standard data speeds, unlimited data, and no freebies. Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

If you want “extras” with Verizon, you’ll now have to pony up for one its more premium plans which start from $65pm and quickly escalate.

Or, you could go with VISIBLE: its plans start from $35pm, totaling $420 per year and this plan comes with things like access to Verizon’s ultra wide-band 5G network and unlimited mobile hotspot capabilities.

Simply switching from Verizon’s basic unlimited plan to VISIBLE’s unlimited plan not only saves you around $300 per year but you’ll also get significantly faster 5G speeds and the ability to use it to connect to your peripherals – stuff like an iPad or a laptop – thanks to its unlimited mobile hotspot capabilities.

I mean, that’s a no brainer, right? Why pay more for slower speeds and fewer features

Visible Prepaid Plans

For unlimited data without a year long commitment (as is required with Mint Mobile), Visible’s prepaid phone plans are more or less unbeatable. As a side bonus, and yet another reason NOT to go with a big-name carrier like Verizon, all Visible prepaid plans get access to Verizon’s Ultra Wideband 5G network.

  • Unlimited data plan for $30/month
  • No year-long commitment
  • Visible Plus plan for $45/month includes additional perks.
  • Access Verizon’s Ultra Wideband network
  • Make calls to over 30 countries from the U.S. at no extra cost

Who The Heck is VISIBLE?

VISIBLE is an MVNO that runs on Verizons’ network, so you get everything you get when you’re with Verizon, save for the “bundled goodies” you get on Verizon’s more expensive plans, as well as things like access to Verizon’s ultra wide-band 5G network (which you DO NOT get on Verizon’s cheapest, $60pm unlimited plan).

VISIBLE Overview: What Comes As Standard With Its Plans?

  • Get the unlimited data, messages and minutes you love without hidden fees raising your cost.
  • 99% of the US population covered
  • Visible is by Verizon, so all Visible’s benefits come with America’s most reliable 5G network.
  • All the hotspot usage you can handle
  • There are no data limits on your hotspot usage so feel free to stream wherever you are.
  • 24/7 access to human assistance
  • Add a smartwatch like the Apple Watch to your plan for just $5/mo

If you’re interested in saving over $300 a year on your data plan, check out VISIBLE’s latest deals – they’re currently running a $10pm discount on all unlimited plans.

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