Uncall Review: The Ultimate Spam Call-Blocking Service

Hate getting random calls from salespeople, spammers, and annoying injury claims companies? Uncall is here to help – and it works great!

Uncall Review | Verdict | 92% – VIEW PLANS


Uncall Pros:

  • Simple To Set Up
  • Works From Day One
  • Available For iPhone & Android
  • Protects Your Phone Number From Hackers
  • Removes Your Phone Number From Dark Web
  • Removes Your Number From “Leadsheets”
  • Great Pricing (Test Your Number For Free Today)

Uncall is a pretty novel (and highly useful) service that acts as protection for your phone number. Uncall will actively remove your phone number from the dark web, from leadsheets, huge lists of phone numbers used by spammers, and it provides monthly analysis on potential threats.

If you get a lot of spammers calling you, or injury claims companies, it is because your number has been sold on to someone and included inside a lead sheet. You are now fair game in the eyes of these people. And getting your number off these leadsheets by yourself is next to impossible.

This is where Uncall comes in. Once you sign up to Uncall, the company will then go about accessing the current threats posed to your number. It will find where it is stored, where it is listed, and who is using it. Uncall will then get your number removed and this, in the long term, means fewer spam calls.

And the best part? You don’t have to do a thing. Just sign up, pay the £15 fee, and Uncall does everything for you. It’s a really cool feature that I only recently learned about. But as someone that gets A LOT of spam callers, I figured I’d give the service a try.

This was about two months ago. Prior to that, I was getting around 6-7 spam calls a week. During the last week or so, I’ve had ZERO. And this time of year is peak hunting season for scammers, so, yeah, I’m fairly impressed with Uncall so far.

What is Uncall?

Uncall isn’t an app, it’s a service. When you sign-up for Uncall, you get a dedicated account with the company. Your account is then assessed by Uncall’s specialists, who go aboard systematically removing your number from these aforementioned leadsheets.

To reiterate, leadsheets are massive files of phone numbers that are used by sales companies, scammers, and hackers to target people. If you hate sales calls, Uncall will ensure your number is no longer listed on these leadsheets. It targets white-hat and black-hat leadsheets too, so it covers all the bases.

The white-hat leadsheets are easier to deal with; these are publicly managed lists that are legal and used by sales companies that you may or may not have had dealings with in the past. Removing your number from these lists is fairly easy and can usually be handled right away.

With black-hat lists, it is slightly more tricky. You couldn’t do this by yourself; most people would have no idea where to even look. This kind of stuff doesn’t just come up in a Google search. For this kind of thing, you need a specialist. And that is where services like Uncall come into play.

How Does Uncall Work?

Uncall has a variety of tools and approaches that it uses to get your phone number protected from spammers and sales companies. Here are a few examples of how what Uncall does from its official blog:

The first thing we do is to measure the scope of how many places your phone number appears. When you sign up for our service, you get a free rough analysis of how many generic lists your number appears in. Once you deploy our services, we do a much more detailed scan, so we can target each network accurately.

Should your number have leaked to the darker sides of the web, we have solutions to that as well. We work with various contacts that can help to remove your number from the leaked lists, as well as flag your number as “bad conversion”, which indicates that calling you is simply not worth their time. This is in our experience the most effective method for dealing with both spammers and phishers, and it has given our clients nothing but positive results while keeping everything legal.

Proactively Protecting Your Phone Number

Ensuring your phone number is protected, both in the short and long term, is the key to blocking spam calls. But doing this is an on-going process. You need to be constantly monitoring how and where your phone number is listed, and most people do not have the time or inclination to do this.

That’s why services like Uncall exist. They do it for you. And Uncall even has plans for businesses too, so if your company deploys phones to its employees, you can get them all covered by Uncall and keep the numbers associated with them protected.

Ideally, no one would have to do this. But because of the nature of the web, and the sneakiness of hackers, protecting your phone number is more or less impossible. No one can do it properly without expert help. And no one wants to continually change their phone number to avoid spam callers.

So, for me, when I heard about Uncall and saw that it only cost £15, I figured I’d give it a whirl. I didn’t have anything to lose. And even if it didn’t work, what’s £15? Nothing, right? Fortunately, it did work. In fact, it worked so well, I am now writing up a report ALL about it.

Pricing – How Much Does Uncall Cost?

Uncall is available in both the UK and the USA, as well as all of Europe, Australia, and most parts of Asia. You can check Uncall’s support regions here. As for costs, Uncall costs £15/$15 in the UK and USA.

For businesses, Uncall charges £10/$10 per device, although there are discounts for bulk orders – like if you get 10 or more phones covered by Uncall at once.

You can view all of Uncall’s pricing and latest deals here.

How To Set Up Uncall on iPhone & Android

Setting up Uncall for your mobile phone number is super-simple. Just go to the Uncall site, enter your phone number. This will generate a risk assessment of your phone number (mine was medium). From here, you can then either view an analysis of the threats or choose to protect the number.

If you choose to protect your phone number with Uncall, you will take through the payment options, asked to log in and register an account, and that is literally it. All you have to do then is wait for the spam calls to stop, as Uncall works its magic.

Simple, right?

Interested? You can test your phone number right now – just click here to start.

It’s also important to note that the iPhone has built-in call blocking features. Click the link to learn how to block someone on iPhone.

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