How does buying a phone on giffgaff work? Here’s everything you need to know


Does GiffGaff Sell Phones? Yes – Here’s What’s Currently Available

Giffgaff sells a variety of phones from top brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, and Xiaomi. It also does refurbished models too, if you want to save some cash – and do the environment a solid.

On top of this, all GiffGaff phones are unlocked so you can use them with any UK network.

Notable GiffGaff Phones For 2024

  • High-End Phones 📱💎
    • iPhone 15 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
    • Top-notch features, high price
  • Mid-Range Phones 📱💰
    • iPhone 14, Google Pixel 8
    • Best mid-ranger: Pixel 8a
  • Budget Phones 📱💵
    • Samsung Galaxy A35 5G, Xiaomi Redmi 12 5G
    • Great value, reliable performance
  • Refurbished Phones 📱♻️
    • Save money, eco-friendly
    • Quality checked and restored

Here’s all the current phone options available at GiffGaff, as of mid-2024 as well as things like customer reviews and things to you need to be aware of before committing to the network.

Popular Giffgaff Phones

Giffgaff’s phone selection includes a variety of phones from top brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, and Xiaomi.

It doesn’t stock everything like some of the larger UK networks but it does have most of the major releases covered – from popular budget options to mainline flagship phones.

Phones Sold By GiffGaff In 2024

Here’s a breakdown of all the current models (as of 2024) that you can buy from GiffGaff:

Phone ModelMonthly PriceUpfront CostPrice
iPhone 15£27.46£20£679
iPhone 15 Pro£36.42£25£899
iPhone 15 Pro Max£46.00£25£1,129
iPhone 15 Plus£32.25£25£799
iPhone 13£19.96£20£499
iPhone 12£17.88£20£449
iPhone SE£14.96£20£379
iPhone 14£24.13£20£599
iPhone 14 Plus£28.30£20£699
iPhone 14 Pro£40.59£25£999
iPhone 14 Pro Max£56.42£25£1,379
iPhone 11£17.88£20£449
Google Pixel 8a£19.96£20£499
Google Pixel 7a£15.80£20£399
Google Pixel 8£19.96£20£499
Google Pixel 8 Pro£28.30£20£699
Google Pixel Fold£53.09£25£1,299
Samsung Galaxy S24£37.25£25£919
Samsung Galaxy S24+£46.00£25£1,129
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra£54.75£25£1,339
Samsung Galaxy A35 5G£14.13£10£349
Samsung Galaxy A55 5G£18.30£20£459
Samsung Galaxy A25 5G£9.96£10£249
Samsung Galaxy A05s£4.96£10£129
Samsung Galaxy A15 4G£6.63£10£169
Samsung Galaxy A15 5G£7.88£10£199
Samsung Galaxy S23 FE£24.13£20£599
Samsung Galaxy S23 5G£30.17£25£749
Sony Xperia 10 V£11.63£10£289
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5£47.67£25£1,169
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5£76.00£25£1,849
Samsung Galaxy A34 5G£11.21£10£279
Samsung Galaxy A54 5G£14.55£10£359
Doro 8100£6.63£10£169
Motorola moto g13N/AN/AN/A
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G£52.67£25£1,289
Google Pixel 7 Pro£34.34£25£849
Nokia 2660 FlipN/AN/AN/A
Xiaomi Redmi A2N/AN/AN/A
Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G£11.21£10£279
Nokia C12N/AN/AN/A
Nokia 105 4GN/AN/AN/A
Xiaomi Redmi 12 5G£5.80£10£149
Motorola moto g53 5GN/AN/AN/A

Which GiffGaff Phone Should You Get?

iPhone 15 Pro Max UltraPin

Top High-End Giffgaff Phones

For those seeking premium features and performance, Giffgaff offers high-end smartphones such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

These cutting-edge devices boast advanced cameras, powerful processors, and stunning displays, making them ideal for tech enthusiasts and power users.

As of right now, if you want the best overall performance and camera tech, Apple and Samsung’s current flagship models would be the ones to go for.

They are pricey, of course, but that’s always been the case with flagship phones – if you want the best, you gotta pay a premium.

My advice? 99.9% of users will be fine with the base model iPhone 15 and Galaxy S24. If you’re a content creator or have a passion for photography, you’ll get a lot of value from the Ultra and Pro Max variants, though.

As always: only go for what you can afford, don’t over leverage yourself on things like monthly phone bills when you don’t need to.

Best Mid-Range Giffgaff Smartphone Options

GiffGaff Phones? What You Need To Know Before You BuyPin

Giffgaff’s mid-range smartphone lineup strikes the perfect balance between features and affordability.

Models like the iPhone 14 and Google Pixel 8 offer impressive specifications and capabilities without the premium cost.

But they’re still the best part of £800, so if you want to cut that figure in half and get much the same performance and capabilities, what’re your options in 2024?

My advice? Go with the Pixel 8a – right now, it is the best mid-ranger on the market bar none.

These devices are well-suited for most users who want a reliable, feature-rich smartphone at a more accessible price point.

Budget-Friendly Giffgaff Mobile Phones

For cost-conscious consumers, Giffgaff provides a selection of budget-friendly smartphones that don’t skimp on quality.

The Samsung Galaxy A35 5G and Xiaomi Redmi 12 5G are excellent examples of affordable devices that offer modern features and reliable performance.

These phones are perfect for students, seniors, or anyone looking to save money on their mobile device purchase. And activating a GiffGaff SIM is super simple too.

Giffgaff Refurbished Phone Deals

Giffgaff sells refurbished phones too. They’re cheaper – by quite a margin – and they undergo thorough inspection, testing, and restoration to ensure they function like new.

Refurbished isn’t the same as “used”, whereby you buy a phone from someone on a social marketplace like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. With a refurb phone, the phone itself is checked, vetted, and restored so it looks and functions as good as new.

I buy refurbished tech all the time; my AirPods Pro were refurbished and my M1 MacBook. They’re still running fine and were 40% cheaper than buying new.

Opting for a refurbished phone from Giffgaff is an eco-friendly choice that can help you save money while still enjoying a high-quality mobile device.

Is GiffGaff Any Good?

GiffGaff is a popular choice with plenty of UK peeps. But as always, in order to get a proper overview of the quality of its services, we need to crunch some data, look at lots and lots of reviews.

We analyzed hundreds of GiffGaff reviews from TrustPilot. Here’s a breakdown of the general sentiment of GiffGaff’s customers:

The Good…

Positive Trends

No Contracts:

  • Many customers appreciate the flexibility of not being tied to a contract.
  • Example: “Giffgaff don’t tie you into a contract and yet you have all the benefits…” – Miss Coe

Good Value for Money:

  • Giffgaff’s pricing is frequently mentioned as being very reasonable.
  • Example: “Just a sensible tariff in this hard economical climate” – Bob Burton

Customizable Plans:

  • The ability to tailor monthly plans to individual needs is a significant plus.
  • Example: “Tariff is tailored to your requirements and is very reasonably priced.” – Jenny Barker

Community and Support:

  • Giffgaff’s community-based support system and responsive customer service are highly appreciated.
  • Example: “Ask community helpers has been so helpful too.” – Janette Wilson

Payback and Rewards:

  • Customers value the rewards for bringing friends on board and the payback system.
  • Example: “Payback is good.” – Janette Wilson

Automatic Top-Ups:

  • The convenience of automatic recurring top-ups is highlighted positively.
  • Example: “No need to remember to top up phone, does it automatically every month.” – Jane Collins

The Not So Good…

Negative Trends

Negative Trends

Network Coverage Issues:

  • Some users report poor network coverage, especially outside major urban areas or abroad.
  • Example: “Intermittent network signal in Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece…” – B Leow

Spam and Unwanted Messages:

  • Several users have complained about receiving unwanted emails and SMS messages.
  • Example: “GiffGaff’s sales must be falling. They have now started sending unsolicited emails (SPAM).” – TA

Customer Service Problems:

  • Issues with customer service, particularly around complex issues like warranties and technical support, are noted.
  • Example: “Very poor customer service… It was very stressful trying to get them to this stage.” – Ben Brooks

Activation and Payment Issues:

  • Problems with activation processes and payment methods, particularly with vouchers, have been mentioned.
  • Example: “I couldn’t even activate it, I had a voucher but still needed to put bank details in?” – Kay F

Lack of Features (Wi-Fi Calling):

  • Some customers are disappointed by the lack of certain features like Wi-Fi calling.
  • Example: “Really good service but leaving as need WiFi calling and this isn’t offered.” – Marie Doughty

Bottom Line?

If you want to buy your phone outright or get a refurbished smartphone, GiffGaff is an excellent option. The main reason why is that its phones come unlocked – unlike a lot of other UK networks. 

The second reason is that GiffGaff will let you finance your purchase, and if you need a data plan to go with it, GiffGaff has some of the best data plans on the UK market right now. 

And because GiffGaff is O2-powered, you’re never going to have to worry about slow data speeds and bad coverage – 99% of the UK is covered for high-speed mobile data. And 5G is included at no extra cost. 

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