As cryptocurrencies become increasingly popular, selecting the best crypto app is the first step to success.

These online platforms allow investors to trade, buy, or sell different digital coins. They’re like digital marketplaces where users can exchange one crypto for another or fiat currencies.

Crypto applications provide trading platforms that match buyers and sellers, facilitating transactions. Considering the many crypto app options available today, selecting the best isn’t easy.

Outlined below are the top six cryptocurrency apps in 2024.

Best Cryptocurrency Apps

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Kraken is among the most secure and appreciated crypto platforms in the cryptocurrency industry. It’s created with all trader levels in mind, providing an intuitive and simple-to-navigate user interface.

It streamlines the trading procedure for novices while offering advanced tools for pro traders. Kraken supports over 200 digital tokens, ensuring investors have a wide market in which to participate.

The platform prides itself on providing exclusive trading pairs that may not be available in other crypto apps.

Kraken supports various wallets, which gives users the flexibility to select their preferred storage options.

The platform’s dedicated mobile application is available for Android and iOS devices and provides a simple and secure way to sell and buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the go.

The app facilitates fast and convenient cryptocurrency transactions with custom orders, card purchases, and everyday market highlights.

Additionally, Kraken has a comprehensive security framework that incorporates:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multi-signature wallets that need numerous approvals for transactions
  • Cold storage for most user funds to safeguard against online risks

Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro is Coinbase’s advanced trading app designed for seasoned traders, finance professionals, and institutional investors seeking a solid, secure platform for crypto transactions.

The app provides a detailed suite of features and tools designed for advanced crypto trading. Coinbase Pro offers a seamless trading experience and employs cutting-edge security measures.

The platform has a customizable and intuitive interface, empowering traders with:

  • Order book visualization
  • Charting tools
  • Real-time market data

This enables informed, strategic trading choices.

The Coinbase Pro comes with in-depth portfolio reporting and tracking tools, letting you monitor your crypto holdings, make data-driven investing choices, and track performance.

Coinbase Pro mobile application keeps you connected to the crypto markets, letting you execute trades, monitor your positions, and get real-time notifications on the go.

Binance app

The Binance app is a secure, versatile platform for investing, managing, and trading crypto.

The app comes with multiple features that transform how traders engage with crypto markets and digital assets. They include:

  • Local settings support: This feature lets you change the currency and language to the local region, which makes it easier to transact
  • One-click switch between Pro and Lite versions: The Pro version offers more advanced features for users, while the Lite version is friendlier for beginners
  • Whitelisted addresses: The Binance app provides a whitelist address feature that adds an extra protection layer to users’ funds. Enabling the whitelist address function lets you specify to which wallet addresses withdrawals are allowed
  • Binance app price widget: The feature lets you add your preferred pairs, enabling you to track price movements in real-time without constantly opening the app

The Binance app is available for Android and iOS devices and provides all the desktop platform’s features.

With the app, investors can easily execute trades, keep an eye on their portfolios, and access market data in real time.

This keeps traders up to date with the market while making it easier for them to make swift trading decisions whenever required.


The Gemini app offers streamlined, accessible, and secure crypto management.

The application offers many benefits for both new and seasoned crypto traders. Gemini platform provides advanced security measures, including:

  • Routine security audits
  • Cold storage for most investor assets
  • Two-factor authentication

The Gemini app also comes with a user-friendly interface that streamlines the trading experience.  The platform’s intuitive design facilitates easy buying, selling, and storing of various cryptos.

The simple layout and easy-to-access features make the app perfect for users of all expertise levels. The Gemini app offers advanced trading tools such as Pair Discovery, allowing experienced traders to easily look for the pairs they wish to trade.

The app supports many cryptocurrencies and ascertains seamless integration with reliable wallet solutions.

Gemini offers support for NFT minting and trading and access to a credit card that lets you earn rewards in Ethereum and Bitcoin. It also gives you access to many other cryptocurrencies.


Bybit was developed to provide a secure, seamless platform for trading cryptos. The exchange is regulated and follows stringent security and compliance standards.

It holds different registrations and licenses, including the Money Services Business and Crypto Services Provider licenses from the relevant bodies.

Bybit is created with a clean, intuitive layout, which makes it easier for skilled and novice crypto traders to seamlessly navigate and execute trades. The platform also offers advanced trading features and tools, including:

  • Portfolio management tools
  • Customizable charting solutions
  • Trading alerts and signals
  • Advanced order types such as take-profit, stop-loss, and limit orders
  • Real-time market analysis and data

Bybit provides leverage trading alternatives, letting traders intensify their potential profits by trading using borrowed funds. It offers multiple trading instruments and options to cater to traders with varying trading risk appetites and strategies. The different derivative products and strategies the platform provides include:

  • Futures contracts: They enable users to speculate on future price movements of digital assets. Their expiration dates range between weekly and quarterly
  • Perpetual contracts: They’re meant for crypto traders who want exposure to the crypto market without holding real assets. These contracts have no expiration dates
  • Spot trading: It includes buying and selling at their current market prices, letting traders take direct asset ownership
  • Crypto basket: It lets investors trade a crypto basket as one asset, offering exposure and diversification to several digital assets concurrently


The eToro platform offers investors and traders access to over 5,000 various financial assets, like cryptocurrencies, stocks, and more.

The exchange facilitates complete crypto ownership, allowing you to control your investment. The platform allows you to buy, sell, hold, and transfer cryptocurrency.

It supports some of the popular crypto assets like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, Litecoin, Cardano, and more. eToro has a strong community where you can ask questions, get fresh insights, and copy other investors’ portfolios.


Selecting a reliable crypto app is the first step to secure, successful trading. Familiarize yourself with the top cryptocurrency apps in 2024.

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