Tiny Wings clone Dillo Hills coming to Android


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Dillo Hills is apparently coming to Android on March 18, 2011.

Inspired by Andreas Illiger’s brilliant Tiny Wings, Dillo Hills is looking to fill the bird-jumping platformer slot on Android.

There’s no denying Dillo Hills is very similar. The idea of travelling as far as you can and scoring points is still the focus, and its brightly coloured environments and never-ending, rolling hills are almost indentical.

In fact, all that’s changed is the frame-rate, at least from the look of the video, and the bird has been replaced by a turtle. We believe there are also multiple characters to choose from.

It may seem a bit cheeky, but imitation is flattery and its how you execute an idea that really matters. Modern Warfare 2 isn’t a clone of Doom, but it is merely an evolution. And technically Tiny Wings isn’t an original concept, either.

Until Tiny Wings makes the leap onto Android, which its developer is contemplating, Dillo Hills will have to suffice. We’ve thrown in videos of both games so you can do some comparing yourselves.

No word on a price as of yet.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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