The new iPhone SE will run 5G, have updated internals, and be the cheapest 5G iPhone on the market when it lands in 2022

Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued an update about Apple’s next iPhone SE release. According to Kuo, the new iPhone SE with 5G will get a release date during the first half of 2022.

With the design, however, do not expect many changes. According to the report, Apple will keep the new iPhone SE’s design much the same as before – meaning it’ll still use the iPhone 8’s design.

Internally, things will be a lot different, though – the 2022 iPhone SE will run Apple’s soon-to-be-launched A15 chipset, it will support 5G, and we’ll likely see an increase in its battery size (because of 5G).

The “Cheapest 5G iPhone Ever”

But perhaps the most interesting thing about Kuo’s note is that he believes the iPhone SE 2022 will be the cheapest iPhone Apple has ever released.

That sounds like Apple will be retailing the 2022 iPhone SE for less than the iPhone SE 2020. By how much? No one, including Kuo, seems to know. But if it costs less than $399.99 that would be huge.

Will There Be An iPhone SE Plus?

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The iPhone SE was pretty successful, so most felt an updated iPhone SE Plus would surface. Indeed, many believed its successor would be the iPhone SE Plus.

This obviously hasn’t happened and it appears that Apple is more focused on refining the existing model with 5G and updated internals and bringing down the price than bulking out the SE line with more models.

Having said that, reports suggest Apple is prepping a modified iPhone 11 design for its SE range in 2023.

This phone, according to the leaked information, would run much the same spec as the iPhone 11, pack 5G, and cost considerably less than Apple’s standard iPhone models.

If true, this would be the first time an SE brand iPhone featured things like FACE ID. The more modern SE phone will also have and LCD display rather than OLED.

But the fact that it isn’t coming until 2023 means that Apple has already committed to its current plan: make a super-cheap 5G iPhone with updated internals and call it the new iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 2022 Release Date

The new iPhone SE 2022 – or whatever it is called – is scheduled to launch inside the first half of 2022. Kuo believes it will be the cheapest iPhone ever released, so it could be a big seller for Apple in and outside the USA.

The only question now is just how cheap will this iPhone SE update actually be? We also have Apple’s iPhone 13/12s update to deal with first as well – and that should be very interesting too.