Ted Lasso, arguably the most popular show on Apple TV+, is confirmed for a third season. But when is it getting released? Here’s everything you need to know…

Apple TV+ doesn’t have that much content but, as I noted in my review of the platform, what it does have is of the highest possible quality. In a world where streaming platforms focus on quantity over quality, Apple’s approach to building out original, high-quality shows appears to be working.

Ted Lasso, one of Apple’s first true runaway successes, is proof that a new, relatively small streaming platform can compete with more established platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon. Loved by critics and users alike, Ted Lasso was confirmed for a third season prior to the release of season 2.

We know Ted Lasso season three is coming, now all we need to know is when it’ll be available to stream on Apple TV+. In another interesting twist, season three of Ted Lasso could well be the last too. Jason Sudeikis, the show’s lead and star, has claimed the original concept for the show was based on a story arc that ran for three seasons.

The story that’s being told—that three-season arc—is one that I see, know, and understood. I’m glad that they are willing to pay for those three seasons. As far as what happens after that, who knows? I don’t know.

Jason Sudeikis

Ted Lasso Season 3 Release Date

Apple has not officially confirmed when the Ted Lasso season season 3 premiere date but the show is now almost done filming. Once the editing process is complete, the show will air. Sources close to production claim the third season of Ted Lasso will air towards the end of 2022 – either during Fall or in the run-up to Christmas.

Because of the popularity of the show, there is a strong possibility that it will be extended beyond three seasons. But with Sudeikis as the creative force behind it, pulling this off might take some persuasion on Apple’s part – he is keen on keeping the story arc to three seasons. And given the quality of the show and its writing, this seems like the best way to end it.

Ted Lasso Cast (Season 2 & Season 3)

Here’s a complete breakdown of all the main cast for Ted Lasso season 3, including regulars and new additions.

  • Ted Lasso – Jason Sudeikis
  • Rebecca – Hannah Waddingham
  • Keeley – Juno Temple
  • Higgins – Jeremy Swift
  • Jamie Tart – Phil Dunster
  • Roy – Brett Goldstein
  • Coach Beard – Brendan Hunt
  • Nathan – Nick Mohammed
  • Sharon – Sarah Niles
  • Issac McAdoo – Kola Bokinni
  • Dani Rojas – Cristo Fernandez
  • Sam Obisanya – Toheeb Jimoh
  • Mae – Annette Badland
  • Trent Crimm – James Lance 

Ted Lasso Season 3 Plot

As for what we can expect from season three of Ted Lasso, the new series is poised to be something of a rollercoaster ride. We have the makings of a new, unlikely villain in the form of Nate, now manager at West Ham United, who is the show’s Faust-like character, the turbulent love affair between Roy and Keeley looked as if it was on the rocks at the end of season two and, of course, the fall out from Rebecca and Sam’s fling.

Meanwhile, Ted will continue to deal with his ongoing family issues by working through them with Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, although, as we saw in season two, Ted is a man on the verge of a breakdown and his mental state is not in a good place despite the promotion of his team back into the Premier League. Again, the success of the team will bring even more pressure onto Lasso which could further worsen his mental state.

Roy’s role should be significant once again, as we see him adjusting to life off the pitch. Again, his relationship with Keeley will be a huge part of the series, as will the return of Jamie Tart and his effect on Roy and Keeley’s relationship. At the close of season 2, Keeley and Roy’s relationship seemed all but done. The return of Tart could finish it off completely in season 3, resulting in turmoil between the three characters.

There will also be new characters introduced in season three too. One confirmed new character for Ted Lasso season 3 is Jodi Balfour, who will be playing a venture capitalist called Jack. According to the show’s writers, Jack is a charming person with plenty of money, so her involvement could see her potentially introduced as a new type of antagonist in the series – a ying to Rebecca’s yang if you will.

The new, true villain of the show will almost certainly be Nate, however, after he betrayed Ted and AFC Richmond and moved over to West Ham United, now owned by Rebecca’s ex-husband. The rivalry between AFC Richmond and West Ham, as well as between Lasso and Nate, will likely form a huge part of season three’s story arc. And you know it will not end well for Nate, not after what he did in season two.

I’ve known about Nate’s three-season arc for a good while, the actor said (via ScreenRant). It was before seasons two and three were commissioned, actually. I remember quite distinctly that I sat with Jason during the filming of [episode four,] the gala episode of season one.

I can remember him outlining, broadly speaking, the three-season season arc – and particularly season two [having] a kind of Empire Strikes Back sort of feel to it.

Whether the show itself is three seasons, I think that is still yet to be decided. I actually am not privy to that information.

Nick Mohammed – Nate

Will There Be A Season 4 of Ted Lasso?

ted lasso season 3Pin

You never really know what goes on behind the scenes of a show, or what the writers truly have in mind for the characters and their individual arcs. But the fact that Sudeikis, the architect of the series, planned the show to run three seasons is very telling about the likelihood of a fourth season of Ted Lasso.

Brendan Hunt, who co-wrote the show and plays Coach Beard, has also discussed the possibility of a new season after season three. Plenty of sources, including Sudeikis, have said that the current plan for Ted Lasso is a three-series arc. But according to Hunt that doesn’t mean there cannot be another three-season arc after this one, bringing a total of six seasons of Ted Lasso.

Another arc is possible after this, for sure. We have always seen it as some kind of three-beat thing. Originally those three beats were more going to be modeled on what [the British] The Office did, you know, six eps, a special, boom, we’re done. We’ve certainly expanded those beats, but it does not mean that the whole kit and caboodle is getting chucked.

Brendan Hunt

Final Season?

Given the success of Ted Lasso and the fact that most popular shows tend to run for six to right seasons, it is entirely possible that Ted Lasso could run for another three seasons after season three. Of course, this will ALL come down to whether Sudeikis wants to do more. If he doesn’t, Ted Lasso could wrap for good at the end of season three as has been hinted all along by Sudeikis and his other writers.

Season three will essentially wrap up all the events that happened in season two, so unless Sudeikis is persuaded to do another season – and the events and arcs for season 4 are set up in season three – season three seems like as good a place as any to end it.

Far too many shows just keep going and going. The characters inevitably turn into parodies of themselves, the actors start phoning in their performances, and the writing and attention to detail always drop off. This happens ALL the time with TV shows. And I think Sudeikis is all too aware of this.

He knows he has a classic, iconic show on his hands and, if he has any sense, he will do everything in his power to keep it that way. If that means concluding Ted Lasso after three seasons, so be it – better to have a short-lived classic show, than one that starts off great before sliding off into mediocreville.

The way I see it, there are two possible outcomes here: 1) Sudeikis sticks to his creative guns and keeps the story as planned, and concludes the series after season three. This would suck for fans but it would ensure the show doesn’t dilute itself by overstaying its welcome (like The Walking Dead).

Or, outcome number 2: Apple offers Sudeikis a huge pile of money, he goes back to the drawing board, and develops the story arc to span another couple of seasons. Apple will almost certainly want more Ted Lasso; it is one of its biggest shows and it is a huge draw for gaining new subscribers.

If I were a betting man, I’d wager Sudeikis will stick to his guns and use his newfound bankability to develop new shows and content for Apple TV. He’s an actor, after all, so if he can use his Ted Lasso credentials to start a bunch of new creative projects inside Apple TV+ this would seem like the best possible outcome for him, surely?

Apple knows he can make a hit, now it’s time to see if he can do it again.

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