The iPhone 11 Black Friday deals have started early over at Sky Mobile – you can grab one from just £26 a month

Black Friday comes but once a year – and it’s always a little crazy. Each year, it seems to start earlier and run for longer. In a constant battle to outdo one another, retailers and networks constantly pump out new deals and offers.

And this year’s Black Friday event will be no different. If you’re in the market for a new iPhone, perhaps you currently have the iPhone X or an older model, and you want to save big on an iPhone deal, your best bet is the iPhone 11 – not the iPhone 12.

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Why? Simple: the iPhone 12 is new and more expensive, whereas the iPhone 11 is older and cheaper. Networks – like Sky, as you can see below – want to get rid of stock and are using Black Friday as a means to do it.

And this is great news for you, the consumer. And it’s not just iPhones, either – Sky has a TON of deals on offer right now.

The iPhone 12 has 5G and an OLED display, which is great. But if you don’t need 5G – most places in the UK are not covered – and you’re not bothered about OLED, the iPhone 11 is still one of the best mobile phones you can buy right now.

And, rather interestingly, the iPhone 11 has a vastly better battery life than the iPhone 12 – it’ll last around four hours longer than the 5G-powered iPhone 12.

That’s a significant performance gap and it shows just how distributive the inclusion of 5G inside a phone can be.

That’s why we’re advising most of our readers that are looking to upgrade their iPhones to go with the iPhone 11. If you’re already an iPhone 11 user, I’d hold onto the phone for another 12 months until Apple has fixed its 5G battery issues.

If you’re running an older iPhone – the iPhone 8, iPhone 7, or iPhone X, or XS – then the iPhone 11 is still going to be a massive upgrade. And, as you can see below, Sky Mobile has some properly good iPhone 11 Black Friday deals on the go right now.

Sky Mobile Black Friday iPhone Deals

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