Verizon Has Some EPIC Galaxy S21 Ultra Pre-Order Deals…

Ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s release date, carriers — most notably Verizon — are going ALL OUT on the deals

If you’re thinking about pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, you’re not alone. The phone is proving to be VERY popular with consumers, thanks to rave reviews about its camera tech, design, and overall performance.

It’s the best Galaxy S update in years. But before you go out and order one, you’ll definitely want to check out these Verizon pre-order deals for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, as they’re too good to miss.

As of right now, there are three options with respect to pre-order deals for the Galaxy S21 over at Verizon, and they are as follows:

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Pre-Order Deals

  • Buy One Get One Free – If you buy one Galaxy S21 Ultra from Verizon, you can get a second Galaxy S21 Ultra for free. Ideal if you have a partner that needs a new phone as well.
  • Trade-In & Save $750 – If you have an eligible phone to trade in, the Galaxy S20, for instance, you could get up to $750 off the price of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The amount you get depends on the condition of the phone, however.
  • Upgrade & Get $600 Off w/ Trade-In – If you upgrade your current phone, and trade it in with Verizon, the carrier will give you $600 off the Galaxy S21 Ultra

As I said in the intro, the deals on offer here are great, especially if you have a newish phone that you can trade-in. Oh, and ALL of the deals above apply to ALL Galaxy S21 models – not just the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

And while the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a very expensive phone, these pre-order deals make buying the phone a lot easier. You also have some great options for data plans too — nearly all of the offers above come with unlimited, ultra-fast 5G plans in place too.

You can also get similar deals for Apple’s iPhone 13 range too — check those out in more detail here.