Thinking about picking up the Samsung Galaxy S20+? Hold your horses! Verizon has a new promo code that’ll save you $400…

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ requires zero introductions. It is one of the best Android phones money can buy. It has 5G, an insanely powerful processor, tons of RAM, and one of the best OLED displays in the business.

The phone is expensive, though; or, at least it was until this EPIC Verizon deal landed. If you head on over to Verizon now, you can save $400 on a brand new Samsung Galaxy S20+. So how does this promo work?

Simple: you buy the Galaxy S20+ via Verizon and pay $1199.99 over 24 months with 0% APR and Verizon will debit your account with $400 over the course of the 24 month period. Simple, right?

The offer is ONLY available online – click here for details.

Is The Galaxy S20+ Worth Buying In 2020?

If you want a phone that will hold its value, is future-proofed with 5G, has a brilliant camera, and is guaranteed three years of Android updates, then, yes, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ is totally worth it.

I know the Samsung Galaxy S21 is dropping next month, but that phone – according to all the latest leaks – will be an incremental update, meaning nothing too revolutionary.


There will be some minor spec updates, a few design tweaks, and a new CPU. But that’ll be the extent of it; all the core performance, software, and overall features will remain largely the same.

And the ONLY reason this deal is now active is that Verizon knows the new model is coming, so it is trying to get rid of stock before the new model lands. And that is great news for consumers.

You have to remember that, while we do get new, updated phones every year, most – meaning nearly ALL of the changes and updates – are very minor. You’re looking at mild performance boosts, around 10%, and slight speed improvements.

Will you notice the difference? Not really. It’s only when there is a couple of years between an update that you’ll notice big changes – like if you’re upgrading from the Galaxy S8 to the Galaxy S20+ for instance. When this happens, you do notice a massive difference. And the reason? Big updates only tend to happen every few years, not every 12 months.

So, yeah, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ is well worth a look in 2020, especially with a $400 discount.