Samsung Has Fixed The Galaxy Fold

Samsung’s groundbreaking Galaxy Fold handset could be back from the dead. The Korean firm has revealed that it has “fixed” the device following reports that review units were failing after only a few days of active use.

According to a new report by Bloomberg, Samsung has undertaken more than two months of design work to remedy the issue and is now preparing to launch the premium handset during the lucrative holiday season.

The core issue seemed to be with the protective film which was fitted to the phone’s unique folding display. Many phones come with protective films or screen protectors pre-fitted from the factory, and it is common for buyers to simply peel these off when they first get the handset. However, in the case of the Galaxy Fold, the film is crucial to protecting the folding screen and should not be removed at all.

Samsung Has Finally FIXED Its 2019 Flagship Phone

According to Bloomberg’s sources, Samsung has stretched this film so that it covers the entire screen and actually goes underneath the bezels around the display – making it impossible to remove by hand. The hinge has also been redesigned so that when the handset is opened, the hinge pushes on the film and stretches it even further, making it more secure.

It is also believed that the re-engineered hinge applies pressure to the screen and will prevent a crease from appearing over time – another issue review units exhibited.

However, despite all of this hard work, Samsung is still unable to announce a solid release date for the Galaxy Fold, and some believe it won’t be available until after the launch of the Galaxy Note 10, the company’s next flagship launch.

Samsung’s woes with the Fold have dampened enthusiasm for folding handsets in general. Rival Huawei chose to delay the launch of its Mate X folding phone in the wake of Samsung’s problems, and other companies that had committed to the concept – such as Motorola and Xiaomi – have gone curiously silent on when their products will hit the market. It seems that the industry at large is waiting to see how the Galaxy Fold story concludes before making a move.

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