The Leaked CAD Renders Of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Reveals Everything About The Phone!

Samsung’s latest foldable has leaked; here’s everything you need to know! 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 has leaked, this time in the form of CAD renders, revealing the complete design of the phone. 

This leak comes courtesy of @onleaks and Smartprix, and it details CAD renders of the device, both in images and 360° video. 

Let’s look at everything revealed in the latest leak and more about Samsung’s latest foldable. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: Design

Samsung doesn’t seem to go for a radical change with the design of Galaxy Z Fold 5; it is an evolution of the design of its predecessor.


Galaxy Z Fold 5 has a familiar raised camera bump for its triple camera setup on the back. In Galaxy Z Fold 4, the flash was located along with the camera bump, but it has been moved outside of it in Galaxy Z Fold 5. 


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 measures 154.9 x 129.9 x 6.3mm while unfolded and 154.9 x 67.1 x 13.5 mm when folded. It is significantly thinner than its predecessor, measuring 14.2 mm -15.8 mm thick. The difference could be because of the previously rumoured tear-drop style hinge design that Samsung could use for the Z Fold 5, eliminating the need for space between screens when folded. This new hinge will also reduce the visible crease in Galaxy Z Fold 5 display when unfolded. 


The size of the displays, both inner and outer screens, remain the same as that of its predecessor, 6.2 inches for the outer display and 7.6 inches for the outer screen. The smaller dimensions could be because of the lower bezels in the new phone. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5: Expected Specifications 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is expected to come with similar displays to that of Z Fold 4. On the outside, the phone could have a 6.2-inch AMOLED display and a 7.6-inch AMOLED display; both would also come with a 120Hz refresh rate. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 came with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, and we could expect the phone to come with Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2 for Galaxy; there are also reports that the phone would come with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy that Samsung used in Galaxy S23 series. 

The cameras in Galaxy Z Fold 5 are slated to receive no major upgrade over Galaxy Z Fold 4. We can expect the phone to come with a 50 MP primary camera, 10 MP telephoto and a 12 MP ultrawide camera, the same camera as Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy S23+. The same is the case with the battery and charging, we can expect the same 4400mAh battery, and it could be using the 25W fast charging. 

Samsung was first slated to launch the phone by August, but it has been rumoured that the launch event will now occur in the last week of July. 

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