Samsung Galaxy S22 Launch DELAYED – Here’s Why

Reports suggest the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 will be delayed, meaning you might have to wait a little longer to get the phone

COVID has affected pretty much every facet of human life. It’s killed hundreds of thousands, ruined businesses, and ravaged entire economies. It has been a rough 18 months. And we’re still not through it.

Apple hasn’t been immune to the effects of COVID on its supply chain, and neither has Samsung. Apple’s iPhone 13, while official and technically on sale, currently has month-long shipping delays on nearly all of its models.

And Samsung’s next big release, the Samsung Galaxy S22, looks like it could be having a tough time too. According to reports, Samsung planned on launching the Galaxy S22 in January. But this is no longer happening.

Instead, the Galaxy S22 will launch at an as-yet-undisclosed date – most likely mid-to-late February. Why the delay? The source of the leaked information claims the Galaxy S22’s launch delay is down to the global chip shortage – Samsung simply cannot source enough chips for its Galaxy S22 models.

This is also the reason why we haven’t seen the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE launch just yet. Turns out securing chipsets for your phones in our post-COVID world is proving tricky for Samsung, Apple, and pretty much everybody else in the tech and automotive space.

When Will Galaxy S22 Launch?

At present, nothing is known. And this rumor could, of course, not be true. But the source is reliable, so I’m willing to go with it for the time being. It also makes sense too. The global chip shortage has been reaching havoc on the tech space for over 12 months now.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Launch Delayed – Here’s WhyPin

Samsung will not want to launch the Galaxy S22 until it is confident that it has a reliable supply of chips. If it launched the phone and then had to delay the release date, this would ruin any momentum gained with the launch and the following pre-order drive. Apple did just this with the iPhone 13, and it irked a lot of users – they had to wait months for their iPhones to ship.

The upshot of this, however, is that we could see the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S22 launched side-by-side, effectively killing two birds with one stone. This might be wishful thinking on my part, but it’d be a massive shame if we do not get an FE version of the S20.

Whatever happens, it will ALL depend on Samsung’s access and ability to source chipsets for its phones. If it manages to plug the gap, the launch should happen sometime in Q1. If it doesn’t, we could be waiting until Q2 or later for the launch of the (smaller in size) Galaxy S22.

And that would SUCK…

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