How much will the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE cost when it launches? The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE price might be less than you think…

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is due to get a release date sometime in late-July, early-August. And like its predecessor, the Galaxy S20 FE, it will be a slightly downgraded version of Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S21.

In order to remain as competitive as possible, and also match Apple’s pricing on its iPhones, Samsung had to create a new type of phone – not a “lite” version, just a different version. This is why we have the Fan Edition (FE) phones; they’re designed to appeal to users on stricter budgets.

And with brands like RealMe and Xiaomi killing it in the phone market right now with hot new phones with massively aggressive price tags, competition is stiffer than ever.

And this, according to my source, is why Samsung is flirting with the idea of selling the Galaxy S21 FE for less than the Galaxy S20 FE.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Price – How Much Will It Cost?


The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE retailed for $699 when it launched in October, 2020. That made it $100 cheaper than Apple’s iPhone 12 and helped score Samsung some much needed new users – the Galaxy S20 did not sell well.

However, things have changed in 2021, competition is hotter than ever and this is why Samsung is apparently planning to cut the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.

How is it doing this? My source says it relates to the CPU; Samsung might use a cheaper (but equally powerful) SoC inside the Galaxy S21 FE in order to drive the unit price down.

Which CPU is the Galaxy S21 FE going to use? Apparently, it’ll either by an Exynos one or Qualcomm’s 5G-capable Snapdragon 765G. For reference, the Pixel 5 uses the 765G and that phone is no slouch; I’ve been using it every day since the phone launched and it performs brilliantly.

How much will the Galaxy S21 FE cost then? My source said it would be cheaper than the launch price of the Galaxy S20 FE but would not (or could not) give exact figures.

My best guess? It’ll either retail for $550 or $599 – most likely $599.

If this happens, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE would massively undercut Apple’s iPhone 12 and its incoming iPhone 13 range. But more importantly it would also pull floating users away from brands like Xiaomi, RealMe, and OPPO.

Getting aggressive with its pricing, and championing things like three years’ worth of Android updates, are what will help Samsung claw back some market share from BBK’s stable of brands.

The lower price would also make the Galaxy S21 FE a very appealing phone in huge, emerging markets like India, Brazil, and elsewhere.

And if we’re talking facts right now, one thing everybody can agree on is that price is a huge motivator these days when you’re talking about buying phones. Users are now more savvy than ever about value for money, and this is largely down to the growing popularity of brands like Xiaomi and RealMe.

Google has acted accordingly, lowering the price of its Pixel phones, and, if my source is correct, Samsung is about to follow suit in late-2021 with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.