Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date & Specs DETAILED: Not Long Now… (Spoilers Inside)


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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch date is FAST approaching, so what do we know about the phone with respect to specs and features? Read on to find out…

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date & Specs
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will launch on August 7, and that’s not BS – that’s direct from Samsung. The event where the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launches is called Unpacked | August 7, 2019, and it will be streamed live on Samsung’s website – you can check that out here.

Samsung has now officially issued invitations for an event on August 7th, and the images feature both the S-Pen and a camera unit, indicating big updates for both. What these actually is anyone’s guess, but it could indicate more crossover features between the two, perhaps some new S-Pen-focused image editing software aboard the Galaxy Note 10?

Either way, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch will take place on August 7, New York. The Note hasn’t been mentioned by name, but the inclusion of the S-Pen all-but confirms what everybody already knows: August 7 is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch day.

The date, August 7, is almost a whole year after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9; it’s not to the day, but it is damn close. The launch event itself is expected to take place somewhere in the US, most likely New York (Brooklyn is current the #1 on the shortlist).

As for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release date, things are unclear at present, as the phone hasn’t launched yet. Normal procedure with Galaxy Note launches, however, usually sees the handset released in stores and online 2-3 weeks after its announced, so, in this context, that’d be the end of August.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date & Specs
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As you might have expected, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will cost A LOT of money. Figures being chucked around right now are anything from $1100 to $1200 for a fully-loaded Galaxy Note 10. If true, this would make the Galaxy Note 10 $100 more expensive than last year’s Galaxy Note 9.

As always, nothing is confirmed yet; prices can, and do, change so while these figures do seem high, they tend to gel with current trends in the mobile space. A likely excuse for the price-hike will be the implementation of 5G; the antennas cost more money so that hikes the price of the Galaxy Note 10’s RRP up a bit. Either way, $1200 for a fully-loaded Galaxy Note 10 is still very expensive, prohibitively so…

Thank god for the OnePlus 7 Pro!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specs

The Galaxy Note 10’s specs will likely tally pretty close to what’s used inside the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Pro right now. If it does, it means you’re looking at the following core specs inside the Galaxy Note 10:

  • CPU: Octa-Core Exynos and/or Snapdragon 855
  • Display Type: Dynamic AMOLED
  • RAM: 6GB & 8GB
  • Storage: 128GB + SD-Card
  • Camera: 12.0 MP + 16.0 MP; F1.5/F2.4 (Dual Aperture) , F2.2
  • Headphone Jack: Yes

Like the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy Note 10 will run both Exynos and Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. What you get will depend on what region you’re based in. All Galaxy Note 10 handsets should support 5G out of the box unless Samsung is making a bespoke model just for this express purpose, something I doubt.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will also, reportedly, feature up to 1TB of internal storage. In the absence of SD-support, a mainstay feature on ALL Note handsets since day one, this kind of bolstered storage improvement will definitely be well received by long-standing fans of Samsung’s Galaxy Note range.

On top of this, The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will also feature newer, faster flash memory (UFS 3.0), and this, combined with its 1TB of internal storage, should more than makeup for the removal of SD card support.

The only downside? The 1TB Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will likely cost a FORTUNE – easily $1200 to $1300. And the reason? Higher storage phone variants are always more expensive, so if you want the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with 1TB of storage, you’re definitely going to have to pay a premium for it – a very large one.

Still, with UFS 3.0 in place aboard the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, you’re going to have some of the fastest flash memory on the planet right now – it’s better than even the current Samsung’s Galaxy S10’s! And this means that even if you can only stretch to the 128GB Galaxy Note 10, you’re still going to be getting proper rapid access to your phone’s storage.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Design – No More Notch!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date & Specs
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The Samsung Galaxy Note brand is now a legacy. In the mobile space, it is one of the longest-running “brands”, next to Apple’s iPhone and, of course, the Samsung Galaxy S range. But the big question now is what will the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 look like?

First things first: it’s not going to have a notch; that much has more or less be confirmed via multiple leaks. In place of the notch, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will instead feature a small hole in its OLED panel where the front-facing camera lives. This is called the Infinity-O display and it negates the need for a notch. It also means the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, as the Galaxy S10, will feature an all-display front.

The ONLY change to the Galaxy S10’s Infinity-O display, apparently, will involve the positioning of it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10; according to reports, on the Note 10, it will be centrally placed. Why’s that? No idea! Maybe it’s to do with the S-Pen. What’s more likely is that it has been done to give the phones a different aesthetic. That makes the most sense.

According to the SamMobile, the Galaxy Note series will be made up of two models – SM-N970 and SM-N975. Now, this could mean there will be a standard model and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro model, or it could relate to chipset allocation – who’s getting Snapdragon and who’s getting Exynos.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 PRO

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Interestingly, online rumors suggest Samsung will launch two Galaxy Note 10 models, a Galaxy Note 10 (standard) and a Galaxy Note 10 PRO. And the difference between the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Pro? Display size, apparently; the Galaxy Note 10 PRO will have a larger display (6.75in) versus the Galaxy Note 10’s more compact OLED display (6.3in).

Another point of difference between the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10 PRO has to do with the camera. The Galaxy Note 10 PRO model, like the Galaxy S10 PRO, will feature a time-of-flight camera lens for depth sensing. The PRO model Galaxy Note 10 could also be the one that carries 5G, though I don’t expect Samsung to omit this; not when 5G is kicking off both here and in the UK right now.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro might also have 1TB of internal storage too, as well as SD-card support. If this is true, it would make the Galaxy Note 10 the phone with the biggest storage capabilities EVER.

With respect to design, the handsets will look the same, carry much the same specifications and hardware, save for display, imaging, and battery. The price, however, is likely to be quite a bit steeper. How much more? My guess would be at least $300-$400, or, if you want to look at it another way, the cost of a Google Pixel 3a handset.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Camera – Same Deal as Galaxy S10’s?

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date & Specs
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Samsung announced its brand new 64MP ISOCELL Image Sensor back in May 2019. This got everybody excited; would it launch inside the Samsung Galaxy Note 10? It seemed likely enough, and the press ran with it – getting even more people really excited.

However, more recently, it has become apparent that this new 64MP ISOCELL Image Sensor WILL NOT be launching inside the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Why’s that? Simple: Samsung is saving it for the Samsung Galaxy S11, which will launch inside Q1 2020.

Why has it held it back? Most likely because it is super-impressive, and Samsung wants something to hold over Apple’s head. Remember, peak iPhone sales time is Q4/Q1, so a strong Galaxy S11 is super-important for Samsung’s bottom line. Hence why it’s saving this jazzy, new camera tech for then.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will most likely feature Samsung’s still-very-good 48MP Sensor. As for exact specs, you’re looking a main 12MP setup with a three-stage variable f/1.5 to f/1.8 to f/2.4 aperture primary sensor, a 16-megapixel super wide-angle lens with an f/1.9 aperture and a 123-degree field of view, plus a 13-megapixel f/2.4 telephoto sensor for lossless zoom.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and “DEX LIVE” – Will It Replace Your PC?

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Samsung DEX Lets You Use Your Phone As A PC – And With The Galaxy Note 10, Things Are About To Get Even More Useful…

According to a recent leak, Samsung is working on some pretty significant updates to its DEX platform. Specifically, it will bring wireless connectivity to the Galaxy Note 10 for DEX, meaning you can pair a mouse and a keyboard with it and then port the display over to a large HD monitor or HDTV.

DEX is already fairly impressive, but the addition of wireless functionality inside DEX Live, the new name for DEX, will definitely help bolster Samsung’s point that the technology can replace a traditional desktop PC, at least for some things, anyway.

The Galaxy Note 10 will feature an impressive amount of spec, the type of spec we’re used to seeing inside mid-range laptops. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why Samsung is pushing the DEX Live angle – if you only need one machine for all your computing needs, $1000+ for the Note 10 doesn’t seem too bad.

Of course, you’ll have to live with Android as your desktop OS, and that, of course, isn’t ideal – especially for serious and/or enterprise users. For the more casual user, however, I think DEX Live, if the rumors about its introduction alongside the Note 10 are true, could well be a big unique selling point for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10…

Will Galaxy Note 10 Have 5G?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have 5G connectivity. The only question right now is whether it will be standard or if Samsung will release a special Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G model. One possibility is that ONLY the Galaxy Note 10 PRO model gets 5G, though I don’t see this happening. It wouldn’t make any sense given the rise of 5G in the UK and USA markets, as well as overseas in Asia.

Given the date of launch, and the proliferation of 5G, I’d expect Samsung to have 5G into all models. But the time it comes to market, there will already be a ton of 5G-ready phones on the market from OPPO, OnePlus, LG. For this reason, you can 100% expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to feature 5G. In fact, the ONLY handset released in late-2019 NOT to have 5G will be Apple’s iPhone 11 range. iPhone users will have to wait until the iPhone 12 in 2020 for their first taste of 5G on iPhone…


Images via @onleaks

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