RIM PlayBook will sync Office 365 cloud


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The PlayBook, a tablet from the makers of Blackberry, will be able to sync emails via Sync with Exchange.

Thanks to help from Microsoft, the new tablet will synchronise with Microsoft‘s soon-to-be-released Office 365 cloud suite, RIM said on Thursday.

The new service, which is going to integrate with RIM’s Blackberry Office 365, is going to be available as a beta some time around the end of 2011.

Alec Taylor, RIM vice president of software services and enterprise marketing, said, “I will now have ability to consume and use Office 365 information on my PlayBook.”

Office 365, if you didn’t know, has a streamlined version of Office, known as Office Web Apps, SharePoint and Lync Server and the aforementioned Exchange.

Considering Blackberry has been losing a number of its once loyal business users to the iPhone, integration with Microsoft – particularly emails – should help the Playbook find a use amongst business types and not just the casual consumer.

RIM also announced it would be moving into the service provider market. Blackberry Office 365 will run on its own Blackberry-powered servers, called the Blackberry Enterprise server (BES).

Because the service is built by Blackberry and will be updated more frequently, Taylor said, “you will get a superior experience… You will ensure you’ve got the latest and up to date software buy the guys who built the product.”

Taylor claims Blackberry’s service would be more secure and faster than if hosted by Microsoft.

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