RIM granted access to 30,000 patents, big things on the way?


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RIM has secured a deal with Intellectual Ventures that grants it access to 30,000 of the company’s patents.

At present, there’s a popular trend of suing within the mobile world – Apple and Nokia, for instance. But with access to 30,000 patents, this isn’t something RIM now has to worry about.

It should also breathe some new life into RIM as well, which is always a good  thing as BlackBerry handsets, despite their popularity, are somewhat behind the current crop of super-powered smartphones.

Here’s the official line via BGR:

“Intellectual Ventures offers an efficient way to access the invention rights companies need to stay competitive within the market,” said Mario Obeidat, Intellectual Ventures’ head of telecom licensing.

But RIM isn’t the only big player to have dealings with Intellectual Ventures. Both Samsung and HTC have used IV in the past as well.

Intellectual Ventures was set up by former Microsoft CTO, Nathan Myhrvoid, in 2000.

There’s no word on the exact details of the deal between RIM and Intellectual Ventures other than the fact that RIM now has access to 30,000 of its patents.

But it’s certainly good news for avid BlackBerry fans as we could see some seriously cool innovation coming very soon – at least, we hope it will.



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