Will next renew Resident Evil for a second season? Here’s everything you need to know…

Resident Evil is a franchise with plenty of history. It started life as a game, then became a never-ending film franchise, and now it has a new home on Netflix as a TV series. The first season of Resident Evil is now concluded, leading viewers to ask whether there’ll be a second season of the show.

To its credit, the Resident Evil TV show takes the franchise in a completely different direction from what we’ve seen in the past. The show focusses on Albert Wesker and his family. In the show, Wesker is played by Lance Riddick of Fringe fame. But its true twist is its portrayal of Wesker as not just a mad scientist but also a family man – he has two daughters, Jade and Billie.

The focus on the virus, Wesker as a person, and his role as a father add depth to the streaming show that just wasn’t present in any of the films or the Resident Evil video games. Wesker is a human being, for all his faults, with a family, and his own agendas. The dramatic drive of the show is largely focused on how he squares them all together.

By the conclusion of the first season of Resident Evil, we have a broader understanding of what it is like to grow up as a Wesker, how the family’s dark legacy began, and also how the t-Virus escaped the lab. The first season of Resident Evil covered a lot of bases, but it left more questions than answers and that, of course, leads to the question of whether the show will get a second season?

Resident Evil Season 2 Release Date

At the time of writing, Netflix has not renewed Resident Evil for a second season. That doesn’t mean that it WILL NOT get one, just that Netflix hasn’t officially decided about the show’s future. There’s plenty of scope for a second season, with loads of stories to tell, but Resident Evil’s survival into a multi-series show will depend on its viewership.

Resident Evil Season 2 Release DatePin

Reviews of the first season of Resident Evil were mixed. Over on IMDB, the series has a rating of 3.4/10 based on 5,600 user reviews – not so good. Critics’ reviews weren’t much better either, and it is these – lackluster – reviews that will put the second season of Resident Evil in doubt. Of course, Netflix is all about viewing numbers, so if it scored OK with overall viewership, it’ll almost certainly get a second season.

Plenty of Netflix shows get renewed for multiple seasons despite having relatively poor reviews, for instance, leading many to speculate that Netflix, as a platform, has a pretty serious quality control problem. Be that as it may, Resident Evil does appear to be getting way more negative reviews than positive ones – and that cannot be good for the show’s future.

Resident Evil Plot – What The Future Might Hold For The Series

Resident Evil’s showrunner, Andrew Dabb, isn’t what you’d call a newcomer; he ran Supernatural for 15 seasons. Dabb says his plan with Resident Evil is to do “at least” 16 seasons. He also claims he has ideas for story arcs and character and plot development that reach way out into the future. Dabb is clearly feeling optimistic.

We have original ideas, but there are also legacy characters that we want to bring into our show, Dabb explained to Den of Geek. Season 1 is about, okay, let’s set everything up. Here are these new characters, and hopefully everybody likes and enjoys them. Now, what happens when they meet ‘Character X’ from the games? There’s a lot of really fun stuff to explore, and my hope is that the show runs for a really long time.

The fact that the story straddles multiple timelines, one in the present and one in the future, is a great story-generation tool, as you can set up problems in the present and show how they’re resolved – or, in the case of this show, NOT resolved – in the future.

Talking about the overarching story arc for Resident Evil, Dabb says they have a solid beginning, middle, and end. On discussing the prospect of a second season, Dabb says they team behind Resident Evil are “well armed” with myriad ideas, story developments, and character arcs.

Resident Evil Cancelled?

But what Dabb likely cannot control is how Netflix reacts to the show’s awful reviews. Netflix has no problem canceling excellent shows – just look at what happened to Cowboy Bebop, Archive 81, and Q-Force. They were all excellent shows but Netflix killed them after the first season.

But with Resident Evil, long-standing fans of the franchise seem to seriously dislike Dabb’s vision for the show. The quote below from one unhappy viewer seems to surmise the general feeling amongst viewers about the first season of Resident Evil. The reviewer is not alone, either – as noted in the intro, Resident Evil’s IMDB score is very, very bad.

You raise the cost of subscription, yet again, promising the increase will provide you with the ability to make even more ‘great’ content, and then you serve up this garbage.

 I can picture the board meeting, in which you decided to punish subscribers by stealing yet more money from them, and it went something like this: “We’re losing millions of customers due to the current financial hardships being experienced by all, so let’s bump up the cost of membership to give us the money we’ve lost, whilst promising those stupid enough to continue paying that we’ll be even better.” Then the village idiot somehow breaks into the meeting and says: “But if you increase the price, yet provide sub-standard productions, even more people will leave!” Which is answered by the board with: “Our loyal subscribers are too dumb to realise we’re desperate enough to punish them for our inability to provide cost-appropriate entertainment and, who let this master-mind idiot into the meeting?”

The logic used (if you can call it that) in increasing the price to alleviate the drop in paying customers, is both moronic and insulting to those who’ve stuck with you – in the vain hope that it’ll all get better.

Sort yourselves out Netflix. Fire the obvious idiots from the board and get back to providing award worthy entertainment, or watch your customer stats drop even further.

With seething contempt and disgust at the flagrant disregard of those who pay,

A severely disgruntled subscriber, who watched 5 minutes of this program and closed the browser in disgust.

IMDB Reviewer


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