Presumed to be landing in October, Google’s Pixel 9 series will be arriving in stores A LOT earlier than expected…


Google Pixel 9 Release Date, Launch & Pre-Order Details

  • Pixel 9 Release Date: Google’s event is on August 13, 2024, confirmed by a teaser showing the Pixel 9 Pro XL silhouette.
  • Pixel 9 Pre-Orders & Availability: Expect pre-orders to go live immediately after the event. The phones will likely hit stores and online retailers within the following weeks, similar to the Pixel 8 series release pattern.

Traditionally, Google usually waits until in and around October to release its new, mainline Pixel phones. But this year – with the Pixel 9 series which will apparently include three models – the phones will be getting a much earlier launch and release date.

Pixel 9 Release Date

Google sent out invites to an event that takes place on August 13, 2024. The Pixel phones are not mentioned by name in the invite, but Google subsequently published a teaser page on its store with a silhouette of a phone embossed with the letters XL.

Google’s Pixel 9 Gets Surprise, Early Release DatePin

This not only confirms rumors of the Pixel 9 Pro XL, but it also indicates that this is indeed the launch event for its Pixel 9 series handsets – not Android 15, as some have speculated.

Google does not do standalone launch events for Android updates, never has.

Pixel 9 Pre-Orders & Availability

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So, we have a launch date for the Pixel 9 series. But what about actual availability? With respect to release dates, Google will likely confirm things on August 13. But the fact the launch has been brought forward indicates that Google is keen on getting these phones out nice and early.

Given its previous releases, it’s fairly likely we’ll see the phones released the following weeks in store and online. The Pixel 8 series launched on October 4, 2023, and got a release on October 12, 2023 – I’d expect the Pixel 8 series to follow a similar pattern.

Pre-orders will almost certainly go live as soon as the keynote as ended.

In the meantime, get yourself up to speed with everything that’s coming inside these new phones with our Pixel 8 Series: What You Need To Know guide which covers all the latest leaks, speculation, leaked images, and pricing speculation.


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Google’s Pixel 9 Gets Surprise, Early Release DatePin

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