The OnePlus Nord is coming, and it’ll make OnePlus phone affordable again – and we now know what size battery it will run…

The OnePlus Nord has been leaked, teased, and even previewed prior to its official launch. But now, thanks to a tear-down by Zack of Jerryrig, we know exactly what size battery the OnePlus Nord is running.

Per the report, the OnePlus Nord is confirmed as running a 4115 mAh battery. On top of that, the Nord will also support OnePlus’ new 30W Warp Charge, so topping up the power from dead to full will take less than 30 minutes.

OnePlus didn’t just team up with Jerryrig to promote the Nord though; the company’s CEO also sat down with MKBHD to discuss and effectively launch the OnePlus Nord on MKBHD’s podcast. You can catch the full episode below:

The podcast is super-interesting too. In it, Carl Pei details some really informative facts about making and designing phones, such as how much it costs to add an NFC chip, the actual cost of getting a handset IP certified (it’s $15 plus expenses per phone), as well as how you plan for space inside the phone itself.

The OnePlus Nord Display – Does It Have 90Hz Refresh Rate?

One big question about the OnePlus Nord is what kind of display tech it will use. Displays, particularly OLED ones with high refresh rates cost a lot more than LCD panels. This is why Apple uses LCD on its cheaper iPhones; it keeps the price down and the margins nice and tasty.

Pei said OnePlus has spent a lot of money on the Nord’s display, indicating that, yes, it is OLED, and, yes, it will almost certainly have a 90Hz refresh rate. This advanced display tech comes at a cost though; the Nord will not be IP certified, so you’ll want to avoid getting it wet.

But that’s always advisable, as you can see in my disastrous attempt at testing out water-resistance of an iPhone XS Max. Spoiler: it completely broke FACE ID and effectively ruined the phone. My advice? Never get your phone wet, even if it is IP certified – it’s just not worth it!

The OnePlus Nord is also expected to ship with a pair of OnePlus’ new true wireless earbuds. Pei was wearing a pair during the podcast, though nothing about these headphones was mentioned or confirmed. Either way, a phone that ships at the mooted price point of the Nord that also comes with free wireless earbuds are sure to get plenty of wallets flapping. I know I’d be tempted!

OnePlus has put the Nord up for pre-order but all slots have sold out, so the rest of us will just have to wait until the handset gets a release date on July 21.