OnePlus is Working on a Tablet Called The OnePlus Pad

Think Android tablets are dead? OnePlus has other ideas, as reports suggest the company is working on a tablet called the OnePlus Pad

When you think of tablets, you think of iPads. Apple’s tablet device has all but gobbled up the entire market. Samsung makes a selection of tablets, sure, but Apple’s iPad dominates the niche.

Never one to shy away from a challenge OnePlus is now reportedly hard at work on its first tablet device – and it is apparently called the OnePlus Pad.

OnePlus Pad Trademark Filed

How do we know OnePlus is working on a tablet device? According to sources in Asia, OnePlus has officially filed for the trademark, OnePlus Pad. This tells us two things: 1) the company is working on a tablet, and 2) the tablet is probably getting a release this year.

The fact that a trademark has been filed means OnePlus is eyeing an official release. Why else would it bother? The fact that it now owns the trademark OnePlus Pad means that the device will almost certainly get official within the next 12 months.

What To Expect From OnePlus Tablet?

News surfaced a few weeks back about RealMe working on a tablet. This tablet will apparently be called the RealMe Pad. And because RealMe is owned by the same company as OnePlus, BBK, I reckon the two tablets will be very similar.

OnePlus recently confirmed that it will be merging with OPPO, again, another company owned (at least, in part) by BBK. The purpose? To split resources and become more efficient, according to company execs.

If I were a betting man, I’d wager that the OnePlus Pad and RealMe Pad will look very similar. When you pick up and RealMe and a VIVO phone, again, another BBK brand, they look very similar.

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The reason? Both companies use and share R&D and industrial design. This means you can R&D one phone and use it across several different brands, saving you potentially a ton of money in the process.

Is it possible that this is what will happen with the OnePlus Pad? Possibly. The alternative, however, is that OnePlus goes the other route and attempts to beat Apple’s iPad with specs, hardware, and design.

The biggest issue OnePlus will face with the OnePlus Pad will be making Android “work” meaningfully inside a tablet format.

Currently, Google doesn’t really “do” tablets anymore, so Android will need to be customized heavily by OnePlus.

If all of the above turns out to be true, it is likely we’ll see the OnePlus Pad before the close of 2021. No doubt we’ll be hearing more about this device in the coming weeks and months.

We’ll keep this post updated with all the latest developments as soon as they happen…

Richard Goodwin

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