The OnePlus 9 will get a release date in 2021, run Android 11, and feature a bunch of updates. In this post, we’ll log and collate all the latest OnePlus 9 leaks and news…

November 9 – OnePlus Will Release Multiple OnePlus 9 Models In 2021

The OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro have sold pretty well, especially when you consider the price-hike OnePlus introduced on both mobile phones. In 2021, the OnePlus 9 will replace the OnePlus 8 – and things are going to be done slightly differently.

According to reports, there will be either three or four, distinct OnePlus 9 phones, potentially split across the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro ranges. There is also talk of another model too, one that will sit in between the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro – a OnePlus 9T, effectively.

OnePlus 9 LeakPin

If this new information is legit, it could mean cheaper OnePlus 9 prices: the company would still make a flagship model with a flagship price, but this expensive model would be supported by cheaper options. This would then allow OnePlus to target different markets with different phones.

Or, provide a phone for every possible budget – from budget to flagship.

Either way, it all sounds very interesting.

June 30 – OnePlus 9 Price Likely To Be Inflated By Snapdragon 875 Cost

One of the main reasons why flagship Android phones are so expensive in 2020 is to do with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 CPU – it’s very expensive! In 2021, this trend will apparently continue; reports suggest Qualcomm’s as-yet-unreleased Snapdragon 875 SoC will cost $250 – or, $100 more than the 865.

If true, this cost will have to be factored into the cost of the phone by the manufacturer. Given that the Galaxy S20 retailed for $999 and the OnePlus 8 was the most expensive OnePlus release to date, one has to assume that consumers will be asked to pay even more for a flagship phone in 2020.

How much more? Unclear at the moment, but an additional $100 cost applied to each unit is fairly alarming. In terms of price increases, it’s hard to pin down exact figures, though, one thing is certain: the OnePlus 9 will almost certainly cost more than the OnePlus 8.

June 15 – Rumored Specs For OnePlus 9 Leak Online

It might be around 12 months away from launch, but plenty of people are now wondering what direction OnePlus will take with its OnePlus 9 release, which is due to get a launch and release date in 2021.

Again, there will be two models – the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro. Both models, according to our sources, will have OLED displays with 120Hz refresh rates. On top of this, a 5000mAh battery is likely in the base model OnePlus 9 and there will be an even larger unit inside the OnePlus 9 Pro model.

With display sizes, we’re looking at 6.8in for the standard model and 7in for the OnePlus 9 Pro model. Additionally, OnePlus could add in a new storage option (1TB), bringing it in line with phones like the ASUS ROG Phone 2. With memory, both models will run 12GB of RAM.

Both handsets will also apparently run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 875 CPU, a new SoC that will include the company’s X60 5G modem. As of right now, this SoC is not yet official, but we expect to get more information in and around its launch during Q4 of 2020 (most likely December-time).

June 8 – Ben Gaskin Debuts EPIC OnePlus 8 Concept

Ben Gaskin is well known for his beautiful concept designs, and his latest mock-up of the OnePlus 9 is utterly stunning. As you can see below, the OnePlus 9 has a completely flush front panel; there is no notch present, as the camera is embedded into the OLED display, making for a cleaner overall look and finish.


And if you’re calling bulls**t on this concept, remember: OnePlus has already shown that it has the technology to make this work; it’s called electrochromic glass, and it was first debuted inside the OnePlus Concept One phone, where the front-facing camera is hidden completely when not in use. As trends go in 2021, the hiding front-facing camera is likely to be one that we see present on a lot of releases.