Nothing – Carl Pei’s new company – will release its first-ever product, some wireless earbuds, via StockX on July 19 – although it’ll be limited to just 100 units

If you’re interested in picking up a pair of Nothing’s Ear (1) earbuds as soon as they drop on July 19, you’ll have to act bloody fast – there will only be 100 units available for its official debut on StockX.

Nothing Ear (1) Release Date & Price

Starting July 19, 6.30 pm IST, the wireless earbuds will be available on StockX for 48 hours. After that, they’ll be available via Flipkart for $99 / £99 from July 27.

The goal? Take on Apple’s AirPods with a pair of high-performance, aggressively-priced true wireless earbuds. Nothing is essentially planning to do to Apple’s AirPods what OnePlus did to flagship phones way back when.

What is StockX?

I’d never heard of StockX before. But the company employees over 1000 people and specializes in limited edition releases for high-demand products in the electronics and fashion niche.

StockX is proud to be a Detroit-based technology leader focused on the large and growing online market for sneakers, apparel, electronics, accessories, and collectibles. StockX’s powerful platform connects buyers and sellers of high-demand consumer goods from around the world using dynamic pricing mechanics. This approach brings unparalleled access and market visibility powered by real-time data that empowers buyers and sellers to determine and transact based on fair market value.


Nothing is partnering with StockX to release the first 100 units of its new Nothing Ear (1) earbuds. Nothing was founded by ex-OnePlus founder Carl Pei, who left the phone company for undisclosed reasons.

Nothing’s first product will target the wearables space with an innovative set of wireless headphones dubbed the Nothing Ear 1. As of right now, this is the only product the company is releasing – but there’ll no doubt be more in the future.

Nothing Has Influential Investors – This is Just The Beginning…

Why? Because Nothing has some pretty big backers, including GV (formerly Google Ventures), Tony Fadell (Principal at Future Shape & Inventor of the iPod), Casey Neistat (YouTube personality and Co-founder of Beme), Kevin Lin (Co-founder of Twitch), and Steve Huffman (Co-founder and CEO of Reddit).

And if these firms and business titans have put their money into the company, you can bet there will be plenty of additional products in Nothing’s roadmap during the next 24 months.

I’d expect to see wearables, smartwatches and fitness trackers, and maybe even a phone. Pei had issues with OnePlus’ recent direction, so perhaps he will get to do things “his way” with a Nothing phone at some point.

Nothing Ear (1) Will Get Limited Release on DropXPin

As for the Nothing Ear (1) earbuds, they’re said to feature a unique case design (it’s completely clear), active noise cancellation, and a unique, white-pill-style design for the actual buds themselves.

Noting is known about battery life, connectivity, or what kind of internal spec they’re running, however. But for just $99/£99, it’ll be interesting to see if they can match the performance of Apple’s infinitely more expensive AirPods Pro headphones.

All will become clear on July 19, when Nothing releases the special edition version of its Ear (1) headphones via StockX. Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens…