NordVPN is offering a limited-time deal: three-year plans for £2.82 per month + access to its password manager, as well as an additional three months service for FREE

NordVPN is starting 2020 with a BANG. Keen to lock-down new users to its service, the company is currently offering a 70% discount on its usual list prices – you can pick up subscriptions from just £2.82 per month for three years (the offer is open to US users too). The deal includes an additional three months for three, as well as access to NordVPN’s password manager.

NordVPN is one of the #1 VPN providers on the planet, topping our Guide To The Best No Log VPN Providers for 12 months straight. With a NordVPN account, you will be able to browse the web 100% anonymously, access US Netflix in the UK, and use P2P services and download torrents without issues.

Most important, though, is its no logs policy, whereby none of your activity inside the VPN is tracked. This is important for a variety of reasons and is the #1 reason why you should NEVER use free VPNs – they track your data and sell it on to third parties. This is why they’re free. And it’s bad, so please make sure you avoid free VPNs.

What You Get With NordVPN Membership

  • Access to 5, 576 Servers Worldwide
  • 100% No Logs Policy
  • You Can Connect Up To Six Devices At The Same Time
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Other Good VPN Options?

After spending a big chunk of 2018/19 testing different VPN services, I now only use and recommend two providers: NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Both are excellent for speed, security, and their respective no logs policies. You can get on torrents, access P2P sites, and watch Netflix and Hulu from the UK. On top of this, both are super simple to set up and work on iPhone and Android.

In terms of raw performance and speed, both VPNs are evenly matched. But when it comes to price, NordVPN cannot be beaten right now – a 70% discount on its list price is HUGE and will secure your access to the service for almost three and half years, so you’ll never have to think about getting a VPN again. The only issue? It’s a limited time deal; at the time of writing, there are apparently only 9-10 hours left before this offer ends.

My advice? If you’re looking to get yourself a solid, reliable, speedy VPN provider in 2020, pick up this deal. You’ll get the best VPN in the business for 70% less than normal, plus three additional months for free!