Nokia T7-00 leaks online


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A brand new, previously unheard of, Symbian^3-powered Nokia handset has leaked online. It’s called the Nokia T7-00 and confirms that Nokia is about to unleash a new T-Series of smartphones.

The Nokia T7-00 device, which is powered by Symbian^3, was spotted by Know Your Mobile India, via Ovi Publisher tools listing, and confirms that Nokia has new batch of T-Series-branded handsets on the way.

So far, not much is known about the Nokia T7-00, other than its display resolution (360×640 pixels) and that it’ll be powered by Symbian.

This is a similar resolution to the Nokia N8, X7 and C7 – so this could be a new flagship device.

Can the Nokia T7-00 breathe some new life into Nokia? We’re not sure, the Finnish phone giant has taken some massive hits during the last 18 months.

At present everyone is looking to the Nokia/Microsoft partnership to change Nokia’s fortune, but this new venture is still one shrouded in controversy and has yet to be officially finalised.

Having said that, Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop has confirmed that Nokia is currently working on the first batch of Windows Phone 7-powered Nokia handsets and that the first ones could be hitting the UK before the close of 2011.

More news on the Nokia T7-00 as we get it.

Watch this space.

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