New Disney Plus Shows & Movies Coming in October

By Stephen Davinci •  Updated: 10/08/21 •  4 min read

Curious about the features of Disney Plus in 2021? What Disney Plus includes? Read further…

The popularity of Disney Plus is growing every day and the entertainment provider is trending more than ever now! Even the Disney + library has turned to a home of Marvel’s popular movies and Star Wars saga series. 

Disney Plus is a streaming service where any subscriber can watch and explore an engaging collection of fantastic movies and TV shows. Also, as a subscriber of Disney Plus, there’s no limit to the amount of content you can stream.

And guess what? Disney Plus adds new impressive titles every month. Let’s take a look at the popular titles coming to Disney Plus this October. Here’s what you need to know…

What’s New on Disney+ This Month?

Disney+ 100% Worth It
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October 8

October 13

October 15

October 20

October 22

October 29

Current Pricing For Disney Plus Plans

The subscription pricing of Disney Plus plans remains the same, costing $7.99 monthly in the US and $11.99 in Canada. The annual plan costs $79.99 in the US and $119.99 in Canada.

The outstanding features of Disney Plus bring the true value of money to subscribers. Regular new titles and updates with new features. What more could anyone ask? Disney Plus has got you covered!

Disney+ 100% Worth It
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