Microsoft to add NFC to Windows Phone 7


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Microsoft is working on a Windows Phone 7 update to add ear field communication to the platform.

Although none of the current Windows Phone 7 device have NFC integrated, it is thought manufacturers are working on including it in new hardware.

Two sources told Bloomberg hardware would start to roll out this year.

Nokia is probably going to be one of the big players in the Microsoft NFC revolution, with the Finnish manufacturer promising to bring contactless systems to its future devices. The company said NFC will become a standard feature of all its devices, including Symbian handsets.

Microsoft currently owns 14 patents related to NFC technology and most of them were granted on March 22.

NFC looks to be the trend of 2011, with Google announcing a near field communication payment solution and rumours the iPhone 5 will include the technology.

The Google Nexus S already has NFC integrated, meaning it’s ready to go as soon as there are ways to use it.

The feature was set free with the Android 2.3.3 release earlier in the year.

NFC allows you to make micro payments at shops and can also be used for e-ticketing, advertising and travel.

Oystercards currently in use on London tubes and buses mean you can just swipe over the readers to travel.

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