Looking to buy an iPhone 13 in the UK? There is currently a 4-5 week shipping delay for Apple’s new iPhone 13 models

It’s been seven years since I last bought an iPhone. But seeing that the iPhone now has 5G and its battery life no longer sucks, I figured I’d treat myself to an iPhone 13 Pro.

Apple, so far, has been immune to the global chip shortage but upon attempting to order my shiny new iPhone 13 Pro, I discovered that this might not be the case – there’s currently a 4-5 week shipping delay.

iPhone 13 Shipping Delays…

Apple says this is down to unprecedented demand for the iPhone 13. Here’s an extract of a conversion I had with one of Apple’s sales reps:

I apologise for the inconvenience and the delay. Due to an unexpectedly high demand, our warehouse needs time to prepare the shipment to you. Rest assured we are committed to deliver your item the soonest we can.

Apple Sales Rep

The sales rep then said I could try my local Apple Store. Apparently, Apple has stock in its Apple Stores. But I live in the middle of nowhere, so this isn’t an option for me. Plus, thanks to the UK being populated with absolute morons, there’s no longer any petrol left – so no big drives for me.

But even if you can make it to an Apple Store to buy or pick up your iPhone, there’s still no guarantee that it’ll have stock. My sales rep checked my nearest Apple Store – the Trafford Centre. Here’s what he found out for me…

As I can check the iPhone 13 pro is not available for pickup as well as if now @ Apple Trafford Centre. I would request you to please check back later after some time.Apple Sales Rep

And to make matters worse, this “shortage” and “delay” in shipments isn’t just affecting people like me that are looking to buy the iPhone 13 now that is technically on sale. It also applies to people that pre-ordered the iPhone 13.

EE, Three, and AT&T customers are currently going mental on Twitter about shipment delays on pre-ordered iPhone 13 models.

Apple is maintaining that these shipping delays are down to “unprecedented demand” and not the current global chip shortage that is affecting every other technology company on the planet.

Me? I’m dubious. I don’t believe for a second that Apple would miscalculate the demand for its new iPhone 13 models. It just doesn’t make sense. And I get that the iPhone 13 will be popular. But a 4-5 week delay smacks of something else beyond “unprecedented demand”.

I’m still going to buy the iPhone 13 Pro, but I’m going to wait for a few weeks until all this craziness dies down. Like the UK’s current petrol crisis, this will almost certainly turn out to be a storm in a teacup. It’s still pretty annoying though.

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