Man Bypasses iPhone 11 FACE ID With 3D-Printed Mask

A plucky Redditor has managed to bypass Apple’s TouchID on the iPhone 11 with a 3D printed scan of his face, complete with stick-on eyeballs…

Apple’s FACE ID technology is very secure. Apple maintains it is impossible to beat, especially when using things like photographs – this is down to FACE ID’s ability to scan for depth.

But what if you printed a 3D model of your head? Would that work? Well, that’s just what Redditor Stanley_Tweedle wanted to find out, so he did just that and put his theory to the test.

The Ultimate FACE ID Hack…

You can see the results of Tweedle’s iPhone 11 FACE ID hack in the video below.

“I’m using an iPhone 11 with iOS 13,” said Stanley_Tweedle, “and I wanted to see if it was possible to beat Face ID using a 3D scanned and printed mask of my face.”

How did he put together a realistic 3D scan of his head?

“I used a scan that was made with an Artec 3D scanner, cleaned it up in Meshmixer / Blender, and printed it out. It turned out SUPER creepy, and it’s definitely unnerving to look at,” said Tweedle.

How Secure is FACE ID? 

Here’s what Apple said about the immensely impressive technology that powers FACE ID:

“Face ID projects more than 30,000 invisible IR dots. The IR image and dot pattern are pushed through neural networks to create a mathematical model of your face and send the data to the secure enclave to confirm a match, while adapting to physical changes in appearance over time. All saved facial information is protected by the secure enclave to keep data extremely secure, while all of the processing is done on-device and not in the cloud to protect user privacy. Face ID only unlocks iPhone X when customers look at it and is designed to prevent spoofing by photos or masks.

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