LG’s phone business – and future in the phone market – is in jeopardy, and so too is the company’s approach to rolling out Android 11

If you’re running an LG phone right now and hoping for some good news regarding LG’s plans for Android 11, you might want to look away.

LG updated an official page on its German site detailing its plans for rolling out Android 11.

According to the post, only a select few of its phones will be getting the update – and even then, nothing is certain.

LG Phones Getting Android 11 Update

  • LG Velvet 5G – Before April, 2021
  • 4G Velvet – Q3, 2021
  • LG G8X – May or Later (2021)
  • LG Wing – Q4, 2021
  • LG K52 – Q4, 2021
  • LG K42 – Q4, 2021

And if you’re unsure about when Q4 happens, it is right at the end of the year – there’s only four quarters in a year. If this “plan” pans out it would mean LG will only just be getting around to updating its expensive LG Wing when Android 12 begins rolling out to Pixel phones.

That will mean, those that went out and bought the LG Wing, will have had to wait the best part of a YEAR for Android 11.

And the above information is ONLY for European models too. This means that users in the USA and elsewhere could be waiting even longer – maybe indefinitely.

LG’s phone business is currently in trouble too, everybody knows that. Leaked memos that made their way online showed company execs talking about the very real possibility of closing its phone business.

Could this be why LG simply hasn’t bothered with Android 11? Because it knows that it won’t be selling phone come this time next year? It’s possible.

What About Android 12?

If you didn’t get Android 11, the chances of you getting Android 12 are pretty slim. And given LG’s recent history, I wouldn’t be holding my breath on any concrete plans for rolling out Android 12 – even to its more expensive phones like the LG Wing.

I’d hate to see LG throw the towel in; the company has been responsible for a bunch of awesome and highly innovative phones during the past decade.

But life is definitely not good at the moment for LG, and the back end of 2021 will be pivotal in whether or not the company will remain in the phone business during 2022.

Poor Android support is definitely not the way to earn new fans. Samsung knows this which is why all new Samsung phones get three years’ worth of Android updates. LG should be doing the same.

Or at least, you know, updating one of its Android phones…