The reality that Joe Rogan’s morning routine is so busy is probably not a surprise to anybody who is familiar with him from his UFC commentary work, his renowned podcast, his acting work, or his overall internet presence…

I’m sitting here trying to write an introduction to who Joe Rogan is, and it might be one of the most difficult writing tasks I’ve faced to date. Usually, the problem is finding the information I need, but with Joe, it’s knowing where to begin.

Joe Rogan was born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1967. Since then, he’s done a bit of everything within the entertainment industry. Acting, comedy, sports commentary, TV entertainment, radio, and, well, contemporary radio in the form of a very successful podcast. It’s arguably the latter career choice that provides the most memorable moments of his career.

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Joe breaks his fast after his exercise with a smoothie or a steak with eggs on the side, depending on how he feels that day. He only eats wild wildlife that he has hunted and killed personally. His Instagram account is full of photos of deer and elk dinners.

He’s shared a joint with Elon Musk, chatted about Big Data with fugitive whistle-blower Edward Snowden, and discussed politics with Senator Bernie Sanders, among other things. Guests with celebrity status like these have contributed to Joe Rogan’s podcast being one of the most popular podcast programmes on the airwaves today.

He’s been a busy bloke, so as you can imagine, many aspects of his personal lifestyle are pretty busy, too, including his morning routine.

Joe Rogan’s Active Morning Routine

Before we get to the ‘morning’ part, it’s important to note that, due to the nature of the work he does, there’s no strict sleep schedule. He has, however, mentioned that he does aim to get 8 hours of sleep from whenever he manages to finally get to bed.

As a result, he wakes up anywhere between 10 a.m. and noon, depending on the previous night’s activities. He’ll hydrate and prepare for the rigorous exercise ahead with alkaline water and a pinch of pink Himalayan salt, followed by a cup of coffee to fight off any hunger that may try to slow him down.

Joe Rogan likes to work out before breaking his night fast, so there’s no need for a quick, one-eye-still-closed breakfast like the rest of us. Anyone who has listened to his podcast knows how much he enjoys lifting weights and how often he talks about the physical and emotional advantages of doing so. He describes himself as an exercise addict who uses it to cope with stress. He becomes agitated and unhappy if he does not exercise.

When it comes to home gyms, he has everything you need. He works out for up to three hours every day, using everything from free weights to kettlebells and aerobics.

The Rest Of Joe Rogan’s Daily Experience

Joe breaks his fast after his exercise with a smoothie or a steak with eggs on the side, depending on how he feels that day. He only eats wild wildlife that he has hunted and killed personally. His Instagram account is full of photos of deer and elk dinners.

Joe prefers to podcast in the afternoon, although he will start earlier if he has numerous guests or other activities planned for later that day.

He returns home after completing his podcast duties for supper, which generally consists of elk meat and veggies or Kimchi. He isn’t frightened of the odd trip to McDonald’s, however.

Evenings are expended at home with his girls and wife, watching movies more often than not. He’ll start writing when everyone else has gone to bed. He feels that the time he spends writing is what has made him successful, therefore he takes this seriously and writes till the wee hours of the morning.

Joe Rogan’s Gym Routine

Every gym routine Joe Rogan does during the week is pre-planned on the previous Sunday. This saves time and mental energy when it comes to actually getting around to doing them. Each Sunday, he’ll decide how many times he’s going to lift weights, do yoga, or crack out the cardio.

As a renowned martial arts enthusiast, he tries to work in some Jiu-Jitsu or some Kung Fu at some point throughout the week as well.

Rogan, a lifetime athlete, has bulked up owing to a rigorous weightlifting routine centred on kettlebells, and he recently spoke about how he handles lifting.

He follows the Pavel Tsatsouline protocol, which means that if he can do ten repetitions of anything, he will only do five. Even if he could definitely perform ten clean press squats while carrying 90 pounds over his head, he’ll probably just do four or five.

The Joe Rogan Experience’s Most Memorable Moment

As of writing this article, there are just over 1,800 episodes in the collection of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

Not many people would argue with me if I said the most memorable moment from all of these was during episode 1,169, back in 2018, when Elon Musk took a toke from a joint.

Joe subsequently said that he spent the first half of the podcast just attempting to calm Elon so they could have a constructive chat. However, after the two had calmed down, the talk really got going, leading to an episode that lived up to the lofty expectations that had been put on it due to the guest’s prominence.

Rogan then presents what has since become one of the most memorable moments in the history of the podcast by lighting up a joint in front of Tesla CEO Elon Musk at roughly two hours and ten minutes into the programme. Musk enquires about the legality of smoking cannabis and then takes a puff on the joint, much to the amazement of watchers at the moment.

Despite consuming booze throughout the podcast, the outspoken billionaire’s one toke on a joint sparked widespread outrage in the mainstream media, causing Tesla stock to plummet 10%. Regardless of the long-term consequences, the picture of Musk clutching the blunt will go down in podcast history.

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