Is Motorola cooking up its own Android alternative?


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Is Motorola secretly working on its on web-based alternative to Android? Apparently so, according to this morning’s web chatter.

Word on the street is that Motorola, while thoroughly happy with Android, is currently putting together a task force of ‘top men’ from companies such as Apple and Adobe to work on a Motorola-branded web-based operating system.

The news comes via Information Week, who claim that Motorola has indeed ‘hired a number of experienced developers from companies such as Apple and Adobe.’

As you’d expect, Motorola is completely denying the assertions, claiming it is remaining ‘committed’ to Android. And rightly so too, because if it weren’t for Android, Motorola would have probably gone the way of the Dodo, or Nokia – limited evolution, dwindling sales and little to no brand power.

Motorola is no stranger to homebrew operating systems either, it famously lost out to Nokia back in the early days of mobile phones and effectively handed the Finnish giant its market share.

Things are slightly different now though and Motorola has a lot more time, money and experience under its belt. So maybe this isn’t such a bad thing – just look at Samsung’s Bada OS. Sure, no one cares about it but it’s not like it’s done anyone any harm.

Then there’s Motorola’s 2010 acquisition of 280 North – the company responsible for the Objective-J programming language.

According to SlashGear, “Prior to being bought, 280 North confirmed it was working on a drag-and-drop development system for web-apps named Atlas, a browser-based tool with which coders could create and execute apps without leaving their browser of choice.”

Sounds quite a bit like an operating system to us. Motorola, you’ve been rumbled.

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