Apple’s iPhone SE 2020 has been selling really well but the cheaper iPhone option for 2020 does lack one thing – 5G

Apple will apparently release a 5G version of the iPhone SE in 2022. The news comes via display expert Ross Young. Why not 2021? Young does not know. But Apple’s SE updates (there’s only two so far) are usually pretty spaced out.

The original iPhone SE launched way back in 2015. The latest iPhone SE model, the 2020 model, landed in 2020. And because it runs on Apple’s A13 silicon, the company knows it’ll be a solid performer for another couple of years.

The iPhone SE 5G 2022 Edition

But if you can wait until 2022 to upgrade your iPhone SE, your patience will be rewarded. According to leaked information, the iPhone SE 5G – that’s what we’re going to call it from now on – will feature an updated, dual-lens camera, Apple’s latest and greatest A-Series chipset, and, of course, 5G.

On top of this, Young expects the iPhone SE 5G to feature a 6in display, making it larger than the current iPhone 8-sized model. If true, this would make the iPhone SE 5G, which will retain its TouchID/Home button, A LOT bigger than the iPhone XR and iPhone 11.

iPhone SE 5G Display Size – Or, What To Do With TouchID?

If Apple keeps the iPhone SE 5G’s TouchID sensor on the front of the device – and adds in a 6in display – the phone will be gigantic – even bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus. Perhaps Apple will move TouchID into the power button, as it did on the iPad Air 4?

Or could we see TouchID moved round the back, as it is on some Android phones like the Pixel 4a?

Whatever happens, one thing is certain: TouchID cannot remain the same place it currently is on the iPhone SE 2020, not if Apple plans on bringing a 6in screen to the iPhone SE 5G – it’d just be too big.

Where does Ross Young get his information from? According to Young, his information about the iPhone SE 5G comes directly from LG and BOE, Apple’s two main display suppliers for the iPhone SE, and the incoming iPhone SE 5G update in 2022.

Young is also usually on the money to0; the analyst quashed John Prosser’s claims about the iPhone 12 range featuring 120Hz ProMotion displays earlier this year. Turns out Young was correct; it looks as if Apple will save 120Hz displays for its iPhone 13 range in 2021.