iPhone 9 Colors & Storage Options 100% LEAKED


Apple’s iPhone 9 – AKA the iPhone SE 2 – has been leaking all over the show recently and today we’ve got word about color and storage options…

The iPhone 9, which is also referred to as the iPhone SE 2, is said to be launching very soon. With a release date scheduled for the middle of April, the rumors are now really starting to hot up.

The latest leaked information about the iPhone 9 sheds light on its color and storage options which you can see in full below…

iPhone 9 Colors

  • White
  • Black
  • PRODUCT (Red)

iPhone 9 Storage Options

  • 64GB
  • 128GB
  • 256GB

Apple will also unveil a bunch of official cases for the iPhone 9. According to reports, the following iPhone 9 case options will be available at launch:

  • Black silicone
  • White silicone
  • Red leather
  • Black leather
  • Midnight blue leather

As is often the case with “leaked information”, nothing is 100% official. However, this information does come via a very reliable source – 9to5Mac. You should still take much of the above with a pinch of salt, but I’m willing to bet the information is pretty bang on the money.

Obviously, the big thing about the iPhone 9 is its price; the iPhone 9 will apparently start at $399.99, making it the cheapest iPhone ever released. To put that figure into context, Apple currently retails the iPhone 8 for $449 – and that phone is almost three years old.

The launch of the iPhone 9, therefore, is a big freaking deal…

Given Apple’s brand appeal and the fact that Apple has NEVER made a cheap iPhone before, save for the iPhone 5c, it’s entirely possible that the iPhone 9 could go on to become the best-selling iPhone of all time.

Think about it: a $399.99 iPhone with Apple’s latest SoC inside it, decent storage options, and the iPhone 8’s camera tech. That’s more than enough for most people. Add in iOS 14 and a novel new design and it’s pretty easy to imagine Apple selling tens of millions of these right out the gate…

Who’s The iPhone 9 For?

Anybody, really. If Apple does release a $399.99 iPhone next month, tens of millions of users will flock over to Apple’s ecosystem. The #1 thing stopping most people from using the iPhone is the price – iPhones are just too expensive. Take away that block and it’s not unreadable to assume that Apple could add in millions of new years before the close of Q3 2020.

If you’re using an older iPhone, like the iPhone 6, the iPhone 9 could well be the update you’ve been waiting for. The handset will be smaller than Apple’s current-gen iPhones (and cheaper too). Many think of the iPhone 9 as the spiritual successor to the 4in iPhone SE. And this is fine, though just don’t go expecting a 4in display because that isn’t going to happen.

What’s most likely is that the iPhone 9 will be a mix of the iPhone X and the iPhone 8. It won’t feature a Home button, but it will most likely be smaller than Apple’s current line-up of iPhones, including the iPhone X. How small? A 5in display could be the sweet spot, although no one knows for sure.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Apple launches next month…

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