iPhone 2020 Models (Leaked): Four Distinct iPhone 12 Options

By Richard Goodwin •  Updated: 05/19/20 •  6 min read

Apple will release four iPhone 12 models in 2020, according to leaked information – here’s what you need to know…

Apple’s already kicked off 2020 with a phone release. The iPhone SE (2020) is now available and it retails for $399.99/£419.99. The handset is based on the iPhone 8 but runs Apple’s A13 CPU, the same as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. And as you can see in our iPhone SE (2020) review, the handset itself is very compelling…

Most Recent iPhone Model (In Order) 

Later on this year, however, Apple will release a bunch of brand new iPhones in the form of its iPhone 12 range. And this is what you can expect…

iPhone 2020 Models: The iPhone 12 Line-Up

How Do We Know This?

Apple’s iPhone 12 range won’t launch until the end of 2020. But there has been a slew of leaks recently. The most recent – via Jon Prosser – confirmed that there would be four models (the four listed above).

Prosser also started that Apple is confident it can get these phones out before the end of the year, despite the current status of the globe’s markets and production centers.

Obviously, these are “leaks” and you need to treat them accordingly. No one will know what Apple’s 2020 iPhone range will look like until Apple announces it – all we can do in the meantime is speculate using the best possible information. And sources like Prosser and Ming-Chi Kuo are two of the best in the business when it comes to iPhone leaks.

iPhone 12 Range: Key Points & Updates For 2020

We already have a pretty extensive post on all the current leaks and rumors surrounding Apple’s iPhone 12 range. If you’re only just starting to look at iPhone 12 stuff, though, there are a few key areas where Apple will improve the breed in 2020. And they are as follows:

And Then There’s The iPhone SE 2020

Apple’s first 2020 release is already here as well, in the form of the iPhone SE (2020). The iPhone SE 2020 retails for $399.99/£412.99 and is based on the iPhone 8’s design. Inside, you have Apple’s A13 CPU, wireless charging, an updated camera, and more RAM.

The iPhone SE 2020, combined with the release of Apple’s iPhone 12 range later on this year, could well be the first time since the release of the iPhone 6 that Apple pulls off a super-cycle.

If all of the above pans out as expected, it’ll mean Apple will have five new iPhones on market by the close of 2020: the iPhone SE (2020); the iPhone 12 (5.4in); the iPhone 12 Max; the iPhone 12 Pro; and, finally, the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Pretty crazy, right? I mean it wasn’t so long ago that Apple only released one new phone every 12 months!

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