And this is perhaps the main reason why Apple is calling the iPhone 13 the iPhone 12s – it is an incremental update, nothing major

Every year, around this time, the internet goes crazy about the next iPhone. 2020’s iPhone run-up was exciting because it was the first time Apple’s iPhones used 5G. And all models got OLED displays.

But this year’s iPhone release – the iPhone 13, or, more likely, the iPhone 12s – is not going to be much of an update with respect to design changes.

A slew of new leaks that detail the iPhone 12s / iPhone 13 in full show a handset that looks practically the same as its predecessor, the iPhone 12 which, in turn, looked exactly like the iPhone 11 and iPhone XS Max.

iPhone 13 Leaked Pictures Reveal (Not Very New) Design

No Major Design Changes For iPhone 13

Because Apple has used much the same design language on its last four iPhone releases, many were expecting something BIG this year.

Turns out all the big stuff, meaning design changes, is scheduled for 2022 and 2023. Apple’s 2021 iPhones, the iPhone 12s, will simply address issues with the iPhone 12 lineup – things like battery life, for instance, which is terrible on Apple’s current iPhones.

There will, of course, be things like Apple’s new A15 CPU, some pretty significant updates to the iPhone 12s / iPhone 13’s camera module, although most of this will likely only hit the Pro and Pro Max models.

For me, the biggest updates and new features for the iPhone 13 will relate to performance. I don’t think Apple needs to reinvent the wheel every time it releases a new model.

Just Make The Battery Better…

If it can bring the battery life back to where it was on the iPhone 11 and reduce the size of the notch slightly, I’d be more than happy. Elsewhere, things like minor updates to the camera performance will, obviously, be welcome new additions.

But because 2021’s iPhone 13 is looking to be such a minor update, it might be time, come Q4 2021, to start looking out for deals on Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup – they should get some major discounts at this point.

Me? I’d personally be happy using my iPhone 11 Pro Max for another couple of years. I cannot get 5G where I am, and I got a sweet deal on Apple’s 2019 flagship earlier this year.

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