Apple’s got some MASSIVE updates for the iPhone 13’s camera… 

Long gone are the days when you had to wait until an official release to find out about new products. Now, the internet lets you know everything beforehand – even when it comes to Apple products.

Sometimes, even over a year in advance. This is a great example. The iPhone 12 hasn’t even been released and we’re already getting leaks about the iPhone 13 camera – and it is looking very impressive.

This early leak comes from Twitter user Fudge, aka @choco_bit, an occasional Apple leaker, and the one who recently told us about Apple’s plans to release a portless iPhone (meaning an iPhone that would only charge wirelessly).

This time, however, Fudge brings news and details about the layout of the iPhone 13’s camera module – and it sounds pretty incredible.

So Many Cameras, Even More Pixels

In a recent tweet, Fudge showed us the first layout for the iPhone 13. This layout shows 4 cameras on the back as well as the LiDAR sensor that we’ve only seen in the 2020 iPad Pro. Along with this layout, Fudge also tweeted the specs Apple will supposedly go for.

  1. A 64MP Wide lens Camera with 1x Optical Zoom and  6x Digital Zoom
  2. A 40MP Telephoto Camera with 3x to 5x Optical Zoom and 15x to 20x Digital Zoom
  3. A 64MP Anamorphic lens
  4. A 40MP Ultra Wide Camera with Reverse Zoom
  5. LiDAR 4.0

If these are the actual specs Apple will go for on its next iPhone, the cameras would have a huge upgrade. For comparison, the current iPhone 11 Pro’s cameras go up to 12MP, and it’s highly likely that the upcoming iPhone 12 will have a similar camera in terms of Megapixels.

Is It Too Good To Be True?

This speculation sure sounds great. Even if Megapixels aren’t everything when it comes to taking pictures, having better lenses, a fourth camera, and the LiDAR sensor, would be a huge upgrade to the iPhone lineup.

However, as you probably know by now, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Even Fudge explains in their tweets that it’s too early to take this as a given and we should look at this leaks with a huge grain of salt.

With that said, it’s true that Apple has to work ahead of time on the next iPhone model so it can start mass production a few months before the official announcement. Plus, it’s highly likely that we’ll see a fourth camera on a future iPhone, even if it’s not on the iPhone 13 set to release in 2021.

About The LiDAR

It seems that the most reasonable part of this leak is the LiDAR sensor. Apple first introduced the LiDAR sensor on the 2020 iPad Pro as a way to improve Augmented Reality (AR) on its mobile devices. The LiDAR sensor gives the iPad a better sense of the space around it. According to some rumors, Apple is planning on using this sensor as a way to see information about products in real life and also a way to locate the so-called AirTags, another Apple product that’s supposedly coming later this year.

Given the uses Apple is thinking for this sensor, it’s more than obvious that the company will try to add LiDAR to its future iPhones. In fact, there have been rumors going around that the upcoming iPhone 12 will already have a LiDAR sensor. So it’s more than possible that we’ll see it in next year’s models.

That said, there’s still a long way to go before we see any actual leak of the iPhone 13. There’s still a few months before Apple unveils the long-awaited iPhone 12, which, according to other rumors, will come in for different versions, each with a different size and price range.

These aren’t the only rumors surrounding the iPhone 13. A few days ago, Fudge also stated that the 2021 iPhone won’t have a Lightning or USB-C port, and it will be completely wireless. But again, it’s too early to know what Apple is currently working on.

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