iPad makes its official debut in Parliament


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Apple’s iPad has made its official debut in the House of Commons. A Labour MP, Kerry McCarthy, used her first-gen iPad to give a speech in the Commons’ third day of debate following the recent budget.

News about phones and tablets being allowed into the House of Commons first surfaced last year.

This embrace of technology by the powers that be means that MPs can now even tweet whilst sitting in on a debate or vote as well.

McCarthy who is Labour MP for Bristol East has claimed, according to Pocket-Lint, that the use of her iPad was “pure coincidence.”

She added: “”I did have a printed version, but was called so late I started playing around with speech on iPad so read it from there.”

While tablet devices and mobile phones are allowed into the Commons by the new Procedure Committee ruling, laptops still aren’t – they’re too big apparently.

According to Procedure Committee rules, devices must be smaller than an A4 sheet of paper.

Is this the start of something new? Will we, all of sudden, see politicians left, right and centre using their iPads to deliver speeches, make presentations and illustrate points?

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