iPad 2 shortages across the globe


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Apple’s iPad 2 is selling like hot cakes the world over, which is great for Apple. However, huge global demand for Apple’s latest tablet device has resulted in shortages of stock on a global scale.

We reported on the iPad 2 being sold out in the UK yesterday, and the delays that many users will now experience should they place an order online – now said to be somewhere in the region of three to four weeks.

However, this massive demand seems to now be on a global scale – and Apple can’t keep up.

Nine News in Australia has confirmed that stocks of the iPad 2 are getting dangerously low.

Apple’s Paris store also sold out of all its iPad 2 devices within 24 hours.

According to PCMag, iPad 2 stock levels are depleted in Paris, Germany, Zurich, Barcelona and Toronto.

So, how quickly can Apple speed up production to meet this massive global demand for its new iPad 2 device?

We’re not sure, and Apple has yet to officially comment on the supply shortage.

Couple this with the disturbance to the supply chain born from the recent earthquake in Japan and Apple’s supply problems don’t look like they’ll be remedied anytime soon.

According to Tech Watch, there’s a plethora of iPad 2 devices going for scandalous prices on eBay. For example, the iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi-only device is going for between £430 and £440 – and still with two hours to go.

We’ll keep you posted with updates as and when we get them.  


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