iOS 18 users will be able to create reminders in the Calendar app—finally!

TL;DR: iOS 18 Calendar & Reminders Apps

  • What’s changing? In iOS 18 users will be able to create a new reminder inside the Calendar app. 📱
  • Why is this a big deal? Reminders and calendars often go hand-in-hand as many reminders have dates attached to them. 📅
  • Is this for iPhone only? No. The Mac Calendar app is expected to gain the same functionality. 🧑‍💻
  • When is this happening? When Apple previews iOS 18 in June and releases it in the fall. 📆

Users of the iPhone’s default productivity apps are going to be very happy with iOS 18 if recent reports prove to be correct. That’s because some of the iPhone’s most popular productivity apps are gaining new features when Apple releases iOS 18 later this year.

Now AppleInsider reports that another default productivity app on the iPhone will get enhancements: this time is Calendar. The publication says that Calendar will gain the ability to create reminders directly in the Calendar app instead of users having to open the Reminders app to create the reminder. 

The feature is also expected to come to the Mac with macOS 15.

Here’s how AppleInsider says the new feature works:

“Tapping or right-clicking an area within the Day, Week, or Month views in pre-release versions of the new Calendar app will reveal an option that prompts the user to either set a reminder or schedule an event. Both can be scheduled from the same UI element, allowing for greater convenience.

“When adding a reminder through the Calendar application, users will be able to select a title and add a note or tag to their reminder, as a way of describing it or making it easier to locate.

“Reminders created via the default Calendar app will behave similarly to those made with Apple’s built-in Reminders application. The Calendar app will include options to select a specific date, time, and location for new reminders, along with a priority setting.”


This is a feature that has been long requested by Calendar and Reminders users. It’s also a bit of a no-brainer as many reminders have dates and times attached to them, meaning their events have a lot of crossover with calendar events. It just makes sense that the two apps are more closely integrated.

AppleInsider in recent weeks has also reported on a host of other app updates that are coming to iOS 18 when Apple previews it at next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10.

One such update is bound for the Notes app. Notes in iOS 18 is expected to gain two major new features. The first is inline voice memo recording—the ability to record audio directly to a note instead of having to drag an audio recording into a note from an outside app.

Another Notes feature the app is expected to gain is advanced mathematical notation, which would be a boon to students and researchers.

AppleInsider has also said that Safari is expected to get several enhancements in iOS 18 as well. One of these is currently called “Web Erasure” and it allows users to erase parts of web pages they do not want to see. For example, the user could erase an ad or the comments section on a website. This feature is reportedly persistent, too, so when the user returns to the site, the erased elements will not be displayed again.

Safari is also expected to gain a feature called “Intelligent Search,” which summarizes web pages for the user to give them a quick idea of what is on it.

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