Huawei P50 Camera To Rival DSLR w/ HUGE 1in Sensor

Without support from Google, Huawei’s needs to make its next flagship VERY impressive which is probably why the Huawei P50 camera looks like this…

Huawei’s incoming P50 flagship has been popping up all over the place of late. Nothing concrete is known about the Android phone just yet, but we do have some juicy new renders from @onleaks to gawp at.

According to the leaker, Huawei is aiming to fit a 1in sensor into the P50’s camera. If true, this would be the largest sensor ever fitted inside a phone camera.

Not only that, but it would also make the Huawei P50 look very, well… different. As you can see below, the camera module on the Huawei P50 is enormous.

Leaked Huawei P50 / P50 Pro Images

Huawei P50 vs Huawei P50 Pro – What’s The Difference?

The P50 will be joined by the P50 Pro, also leaked by @onleaks, and that phone, while similar to the P50, will apparently have even more pronounced curves, a larger display, more RAM, and, well – more of everything else.

Like the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12, there will be a clear distinction, both in the size of the phones and the specs and hardware they use, and, of course, this will be reflected in the price of the P50 and P50 Pro once they get official.

Nothing is really known about the specs for either the P50 or the P50 Pro, but I have it on good authority that the Pro model will ship with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, although there will options for 256GB and 128GB too.

Huawei P50 Camera

The main event on these phones, however, will be the camera which, if it does use a 1-inch sensor, could send shockwaves through the phone market. Imagine HOW much light that sensor could capture? It’s insane.

And more light, means more detail and better-looking shots. Case in point: most DSLRs tend to use 1-inch sensors. To date, no phone on the market has ventured anywhere near sensors this large.

My guess? Huawei is doubling down on its camera tech in a bid to help potential users forget that they won’t be able to run Google Play and a fair few popular Android apps on the phone once it gets official later this year.

Plus, you know this phone will be expensive. And even if it does have the best camera in the business, if you cannot run Instagram on the phone most people will simply not bother.

Especially if the P50 Pro model retails for over $1000 which it almost certainly will…

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